Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Find Your Polling Precinct Online

Only few days are left before the Philippines’ big day for the year 2010. The 2010 Elections will be the most intense election that will occur in this country because it is the event where political titans will clash. The Filipino people will cast their votes with their thought on a better future and the solution to the grave problem that plague the nation.

The coming election is also the first automated elections and the COMELEC brags that the 2010 elections will be the fastest and most efficient election in the nation’s history. Because of automation, numerous polling precincts were combined and made into a cluster. Thus, the old precinct that the voter had grown familiar in the past elections may not be the precinct that he/she will go to in May 10.

COMELEC made a way for people who are always online to find their precinct for the 2010 Elections. Finding the precinct is done through COMELEC’s precinct finder.

Upon reaching COMELEC’s precinct finder path, you will see this form:

COMELEC's Precinct Finder

To find your precinct, all you have to do is to input the necessary information in their respective fields. Be sure that you placed the correct information before clicking the “Find Now” button. Voila! Your precinct number will come out in the screen.

If your precinct did not come out or that an error occurred, it is possible that COMELEC made so encoding errors especially your name have Jr, I, II, or Ma. (abbreviated form of Maria). A solution for this is you type your name with Jr. in different variations. You could place “Jr” after your first name. Or place it after the surname. You could also remove the period after “Jr” or replace with comma. It is just trial and error until the precinct finder releases your polling precinct on-screen.

If you still have problems, then I suggest that you go visit you municipal or city COMELEC office and find your precinct in their master list.


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Go Around Intramuros

Intramuros is the most historical places in manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The walled city serves as the settlement of the Spaniards during their colonization of the country. The city boasts of a fort (Fort Santiago), churches, old Spanish houses, and antique guns that were mounted during the times when the Spaniards are the master of Manila. One can also find inside the museum that showcases the places where Jose Rizal was interred before he was executed.

Intramuros is one of the top tourist spots in Manila and many people go there to relieve the history the history of Manila and the whole Philippines. The walled city is quite big and is tiresome to travel by foot. Would be visitors of the walled city need not to worry since there are many ways to tour Intramuros.

Go On by Foot

This is the cheapest mode of travel inside Intramuros and the most tiresome. However, there many people who prefer to walk when they are traveling. If you are that kind of tourist, then that is not a problem since Intramuros are pedestrian friendly. When touring Intramuros by foot, it is advisable that you carry a map of the walled city so as to plan the best path that you could take for the tour. It is also advisable to bring an umbrella to avoid being scorched by the midday sun.

Ride a Pedicab

Pedicab is a bicycle that has a covered sidecar. This is an ingenious way of moving inside Intramuros. Also, the pedicab drivers in Intramuros know the ins and outs of Intramuros like the palm of their hands. For tourists, these pedicab drivers already have their route that they follow to tour their clients. Most of them have pamphlets about the tourist spots inside the walled city.

Pedicabs are hired for 100 pesos hour. You can go to interesting places for two hours while riding the pedicab.

Hire a Kalesa

Kalesa is the Tagalog word for a horse-drawn carriage. You can ride a kalesa to tour you around Intramuros. However, this is more expensive than hiring a pedicab. Riding a kalesa will give you a feeling that you are traveling Intramuros in the same way that the Spaniards had traveled in it during their days in the Philippines.

Go for a Tour Program

There are many tourist and travel agencies that offer touring services inside Intramuros. This is the most expensive of all mode of traveling inside the wall city. However, the benefits are that the tourist will get a professional tourist guides that know the history of every places in Intramuros. You will ride on horse drawn carriages that are better than the kalesas plying around the walled city.

When going for a trip inside Intramuros, consider the options I have just given out and choose what is the best with regards to your budget and your time. The main goal is to enjoy visiting the place and choosing the best mode of traveling inside the walled city will help in achieving that.

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Photo of pedicab came from Kat's World 3.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vaseline Skin Lightening Lotion

In my other blog, I shared that I was forced to work under the intense heat of the sun in the past weeks because of a project assigned to me by my office.

Because of this, I had to look for lotions and sun block that will protect me from the sun. Vaseline Skin Lightening Lotion is one of the products I used as my skin protector.

Vaseline Skin Lightening Lotion has Vitamin B3 to help bring out natural fair skin, triple sunscreen to help prevent further darkening caused by sunlight, and yoghurt serum to moisturize skin.

Vaseline claims that this lotion is clinically proven for radiant, naturally lighter skin as early as two weeks of continued application on the skin.

Personal Experience

When I bought this lotion, my intention is to use it as a sun block. However, this lotion is not intended as a sun block and is not good at protecting skin from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, I do not recommend this lotion as a sun block.

What I like about this lotion is that it eases the effect of sunburn. I had noticed that is smoothens my sun burnt skin after being applied with this lotion.

So for lightening skin darkened by the sun, you can use Vaseline Skin Lightening Lotion. However, I do believe that there are better whitening lotions in the market. I do not recommend this lotion as a sun block.


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Picture of Vaseline was copied from PinoyGoodies.