Me and my beloved saw new items on Chowking menu when we visited a Chowking branch last month. The new items that we saw on the Chowking menu are the chef bowl meals. We had three items to choose from. Written on Chowking menu are Oriental Beef Bowl, Fish Tausi Bowl and Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.

I chose the Oriental Beef Bowl while my beloved chose the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.

The Oriental Beef Bowl tastes OK. I like the fact that they place a slice of egg in that rice bowl meal. I think that it is a good addition to the Chowking menu.
Chowking Menu - Oriental Beef Bowl

My beloved commented that the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl is too sweet for her liking. She said that she will not order it the next. She will choose another item on Chowking menu than eat another Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl.
Chowking Menu - Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl

I guess that it is a matter of preference. My beloved does not like sweet dishes that's why she disliked the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl. Other people, especially those with sweet tooth may like it.

The only Chef Bowl that I haven't tried is the Fish Tausi Bowl. I might try it when I return to Chowking. Even if I haven't eaten that dish, I can still say that the Chef Bowl meals are good addition to the Chowking Menu.

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Images obtained from Chowking website.