Friday, November 9, 2012

POEA WorkAbroad Checklist

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the government agency that is tasked to deal with overseas employment of Filipinos, has prepared a checklist that can be used by Pinoys and Pinays when they plan to work abroad.

POEA called this as “Working Abroad Preparation Checklist”. This checklist contains a total of 21 steps, which should be followed by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). It was prepared jointly by POEA and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The steps outlined in the checklist are the following:

1. Attend Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS).
2. Inquire about working outside of the country from experienced people.
3. Make sure that you have enough money.
4. Prepare your resume or bio-data.
5. Prepare original copy of necessary documents.
6. Visit the POEA for more information.
7. Search for job vacancies. You can do this by checking POEA's job order list. Know more about it by reading this article.
8. Verify the legitimacy of recruitment agency and job order by inquiring with POEA. Learn how to use the POEA's list of accredited agencies by reading this article.
9. Apply for your desired job.
10. Attend POEA's briefing and screening procedures.
11. Take the necessary exams and interviews.
12. Submit your documents to POEA or recruitment agency.
13. Have a medical examination.
14. Attend TESDA training or seminar, if required.
15. Sign the employment contract.
16. Pay the placement fee.
17. Apply for a work visa.
18. Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
19. Make sure that you have all the important documents before leaving the country.
20. Take note of the contact information of government agencies and other people that you might need to contact during your work abroad.
21. Prepare your baggage all the things that you need outside of the country.

Check the images below to see the whole checklist:
POEA Working Abroad Checklist page 1.

POEA Working Abroad Checklist page 2

You can download POEA's checklist from this page of the POEA website.

For more information, please call POEA at telephone number 722-1144 and 722-1155. You can also email POEA at this address: Please visit the agency's website.


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

POEA Job Order

In the previous article I talked about the list of accredited recruitment agencies posted on the website of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This list is a great resource in helping Filipinos avoid being victims illegal recruiters or recruitment agencies.

That list is not the only resource that can be found on the POEA website. POEA also has a list for job orders from accredited recruitment agencies. The POEA job order list will surely be helpful in helping Filipino workers find the overseas job that they want.

What is good with the POEA job order list is that it was arranged in three ways. Job orders were arranged by position, by country and by recruitment agency.

Please go to POEA website to check available job vacancies as arranged by position. I tried to search for job orders for the position of cook. here are the results:
POEA Job Order list for the position of cook.

To check the job orders arranged by country, please go to POEA website. I tried searching for available vacancies from Australia. Here is the result given by the POEA Job Order list:
POEA Job Order list for Australia.

I also checked job vacancies as arranged by recruitment agency. Here is the result shown for ABBA Personnel Services in the POEA website:
POEA Job Order list for ABBA Personnel Services

You can see job orders by recruitment agencies by going to POEA website.

Please note that data on the POEA Job Order list was gathered the accredited agencies. The job orders are the active job orders for the past two years. It doesn't guarantee that a job vacancy is still available. Check with the recruitment agency if the job order is still available.

Visit the POEA website for more information about job orders and recruitment agencies.

Read this step-by-step checklist that you should follow when you're planning to work abroad.


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

List of POEA Accredited Agencies

Illegal recruiters and illegal recruitment agencies are the vicious enemies of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The goal of these people and agencies is to trick the OFWs and earn a lot of money from it.

Many Filipinos were tricked by illegal recruitment agencies. Some of these agencies asked money for the “quick” processing of documents and other things. After receiving a lot of money from prospecting Filipino workers, these heartless people were suddenly gone without a trace. I saw a lot of victims crying about their lost money. Some even sold their property just to pay the illegal recruiters.

These incidents could have been avoided if the victims were more careful. The victims should first checked with the POEA if the recruiter or agency that were “hiring” them were legitimate.
POEA logo

POEA stands for Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. It is an office under the Department of Labor (DoLE), which deals with employment outside of the country. All recruitment agencies are required by law to register with POEA. Thus, the POEA is the agency that can tell if the recruitment agency is illegal or not.

Legitimate recruitment agencies are duly registered to POEA. These registered recruitment agencies are called as POEA accredited agencies.

One of the important resource of POEA is its “List of Accredited Agencies”, which can be accessed on this page of the POEA website.
A portion of the list of POEA accredited agencies.
A page on the List of POEA Accredited Agencies.

The information on the list is detailed. You can see the name of the recruitment agency, its address, contact information and its official representative. The important information on this list is the status of the recruitment agency. You will know if the agency has a valid license. This is the easy way of knowing if the recruitment agency that is hiring you is illegal or not.

The “List of Accredited Agencies” also has a search box that you can use in searching for information about a recruitment agency.

Working abroad is never easy, especially when there are evil people out there who are out to deceive you. Don't be a victim. Use POEA's list of accredited agencies to protect yourself and your money from illegal recruiters and agencies.

If you need more information about your recruitment agency, please call POEA's hotline numbers: 722-1144 and 722-1155. You can also email POEA at this address:

Visit the POEA website for more information.

Read my article about POEA's checklist for those who are planning to work outside of the Philippines. The checklist contains step-by-step procedures that all OFWs should follow.


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Authorization Letter for PRC License Renewal

Many commenters asked me if it is possible for another person to renew their PRC license. This question was asked by professionals who are busy in their jobs or those who work outside of the Philippines (Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs).

The answer to that question is a big “YES”! The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) allows professionals to send their representatives in submitting the renewal of professional license. Professionals who wish to this must issue an authorization letter or a Special Power of Attorney for their representatives.

The application form for PRC renewal also has a slip, which should be signed by the authorized representative. The form can be downloaded here. The slip for signature of your representative can be found on the second page of the application form.
PRC License - PRC logo

Just print the form and then write the required information. Your authorized representative should bring the authorization letter or the Special Power of Attorney and the signed application form when he/she go to the PRC. You authorized representative should also bring a government issued ID.

It is good that the PRC allows professionals to have other people deal the renewal of their professional registration. Filipino professionals are usually busy with their works and projects that renewal of PRC ID becomes a big hassle.


NOTE: An anonymous commenter left this information regarding SPA and authorization letter:

My understanding is there is a difference between an SPA and an authorization letter. If your representative is a licensed professional then authorization is enough as PRC will also ask for your representative's PRC id. On the otherhand, if your representative is not a licensed professional then you need to have a SPA. I believe if you're abroad, the SPA can be processed in the embassy where you live.


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