Monday, May 28, 2012

Two Yummy Cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop

It’s been a long time since I tasted a cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. That is why last month I am sort of a super-fortunate person when I ate not one but two kinds of cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. The first cake is the one I bought for Mother’s Day and the other one is a surprise for my beloved.

The cakes that I bought from Red Ribbon Bakeshop are the Chocolate Caramel Roll for my mom and the Mocha Roll for my beloved.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is still my favorite cake shop. As I had said in a previous post, the cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop are way better than the Goldilocks cakes. The breading of Goldilocks cakes crumbles easily unlike the cakes from Red Ribbon.
Red Ribbon Bakeshop - Chocolate Caramel Roll
(Source: Red Ribbon Bakeshop)
Chocolate Caramel Roll is chocolate chiffon with caramel filling and chocolate icing. The toppings of this cake are white chocolate squares and caramel drizzle.
Red Ribbon Bakeshop - Mocha Roll
(Source: Red Ribbon Bakeshop)
Mocha Roll, on the other hand, has mocha-flavored chiffon covered by French mocha butter cream.

I find the Chocolate Caramel Roll as little bit bitter for my taste. I guess there is too much chocolate in it. Of the two cakes from Red Ribbon Bakeshop, my favorite would be the Mocha Roll.


Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Plan Your Jollibee Party

Many kids dream of having a Jollibee party for their birthday. Some kids want to have a taste of their favorite Langhap-Sarap meals on their special day. Other kids just want to see Jollibee and his friends in their birthday parties. Jollibee understand this dream of the kids that is why they made it easy to plan a Jollibee party.

Jollibee created the Party Planner to make it easy for people to plan their desired Jollibee party. You can now plan your Jollibee party by going to the Party Planner website.

There are six steps to plan your Jollibee party, which are the following.

Step 1: Find a Jollibee Party Store.

Not all branches of Jollibee can host a party. So, the first step in planning your Jollibee party is in finding the store that is suitable to you requirements.
Jollibee's party store finder

The good thing about Jollibee's Party Planner is that it gave all important information about its party stores. It shows the available time and "Party Zones" for each store. It also shows the availability of the Party Zones. Businesses hours, contact numbers and info on parking spaces were also included. Jollibee also placed a map (powered by Google) so as to make it easy for party planners to find the Jollibee branch.

Just click the "Proceed" button at the bottom of the page once you find the Jollibee branch that you want and chosen the party zone and time. 

Step 2: Choose the Jollibee party theme.

Jollibee party theme adds color to your party. This step allows you to pick from one of the four Jollibee party themes that you want. The four party themes are Jollitown theme, My Bestfriend is Jollibee theme, Barbie theme and Batman theme. Know more about these party themes by reading my blog post on Jollibee party themes.
Jollibee party themes
The available Jollibee party themes.

Step 3: Indicate the number of guests.

Indicating the number of guests to your party is important because it determines the total cost of your Jollibee party. The minimum number of guests for a Jollibee party is 30. You can increase that number in the Jollibee Party Planner by moving the slider to your desired number of guests.
Number of guests indicator in Jollibee Party Planner

Step 4: Add party favors and other fun items.

Kids really enjoy a party that has freebies. You can spice up your Jollibee party by adding some freebies and loot bags. Each party theme has their unique freebies and loot bags. Read my blog posts about available freebies and loot bags for Barbie theme, My Bestfriend is Jollibee theme and Jollitown theme. The party fee of 1,250 pesos already have the following party favors:
Jollibee party favors

You can add more party favors by clicking on the items that you want. Other party favors are party hats, invitation cards, tray liners, name tags, and loot bags.

Step 5: Choose your food package.

There are five food packages to choose from. Each package caters to the kind of party that you want. Read my blog post on Jollibee party package to know more on the available food packages for Jollibee party.
Food packages for Jollibee party

Step 6: Choose your food add-ons.

Are there other Jollibee food items that you want to include in your party? This step allows you to add food items not included in any of the Jollibee party package in Step 5.

Step 7: Cake and customer info

Cakes are important part of a birthday party. This step allows you to choose and modify the cake that you want to be served at your Jollibee party. You can choose between chocolate and mocha flavored cakes. Cakes are provided by Red Ribbon.

You can also indicate the message to be placed on the cake on this step. Special instructions for the cake is also written on this step.

The last part of this step is placing your name and contact details. Please note that the contact person should be in the Philippines.

Before you go to the last step, Jollibee party planner will show you the summary of your party. This will give you a chance to see if you miss something or you already exceeded your budget. The Summary Page also give you the chance to add Jollibee mascots for your party.

Step 8: Online payment.

This is the final step for Jollibee party planner. Jollibee will give you the option to pay in full or pay the minimum downpayment of 3,000 pesos. Online payment is paid by credit card from Visa or Master Card.


So, these are the easy steps in planning a Jollibee party.

Want to plan your Jollibee party better? Read more about Jollibee party from these articles:

Jollibee Party Package for 50 Persons

Do you have any question? Please tell us your question by leaving a comment on the combox.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Item on Jollibee Menu: Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

Another visit to Jollibee allowed me to see a new item on the Jollibee menu. That “langhap sarap” item is the chicken and mushroom pasta. I know that I need that order it the moment I saw it on the Jollibee menu. Good thing that this 70 pesos meal already has a regular-sized soft drink.

I think that Jollibee is trying to diversify its pasta meal. The popular pasta found on the Jollibee menu is the Jollibee spaghetti. It is a big hit for the kids and fans of Jollibee. Jollibee created the chicken and mushroom pasta for those who are not fan of the sweet Jollibee spaghetti.

The chicken and mushroom pasta that I got was placed in a box.

I was disappointed when I opened the box. What I saw is just the pasta.
New item on Jollibee menu: Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

I actually expected Jollibee’s chicken and mushroom pasta to have one piece Jollibee Chickenjoy. Silly me. The chicken in this pasta meal are the small bits of chicken meat not the big Chickenjoy.

I am not disappointed with the flavor, though. I think that it tastes better than the Jollibee spaghetti. It taste more like a respectable pasta (for adults), which is very unlike the Jollibee spaghetti that is too sweet (but is appealing to kids).

It is good that Filipino’s favorite fast food restaurant added another spaghetti meal on the Jollibee menu. People who want to eat pasta will have option other than the Jollibee spaghetti.


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New Cebu Pacific Piso Fares

There is a good news for frequent travelers in the Philippines. The low-fare airline had just announced another set of Cebu Pacific piso fares. Those who will come from Cebu are the ones who will benefit from these Cebu Pacific Promo fares.

Fly for as low as 1 peso from Cebu to Bacolod, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Clark, Davao, Kalibo or Zamboanga.

There are other Cebu Pacific promo fares available. Fly from Manila to Cebu, Iloilo or Roxas for as low as 288 pesos. For 488 pesos, you can ride a Cebu Pacific airplane from Manila to Caticlan, which is the closest airport to the world-famous Boracay.

Cebu Pacific promo fares are also available for international flights. Fly from Manila to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai or Xiamen for as low as 888 pesos. Hongkong and Macau can be reached via Cebu Pacific for as low as 1,088 pesos. Flight from Manila to Taipei is as low as 1,288 pesos.

These promo fares are only available until May 17, 2012 or until promo seats last.

Read my tips on how to get these Cebu Pacific promo fares. Competition for a Cebu Pacific promo fares is high that is why you will definitely need my tips.

Go now to Cebu Pacific website and get the Cebu Pacific promo fares. You must act quickly so as to get the promo fares that you want.


Monday, May 7, 2012


Aside from providing birth certificates, the National Statistics Office (NSO) also issues a certificate that is important for people who have plans of getting married. This certificate is called as “Certificate of No Marriage”, which is abbreviated into CENOMAR.

The Philippine government, through the NSO, created the CENOMAR to remove the occurrences of fraudulent marriage. There are many cases where a married man married another woman without annulling the first marriage. In most cases, the “second wife” has no idea that her “husband” is already married. CENOMAR helps women from being tricked by bigamous men. Of course, there are cases where a married woman marries another man without annulling the first marriage. CENOMAR will help men in knowing if their bride is truly unmarried.
(Source: Angeles City Classified)

CENOMAR can be obtained from the NSO by going to any of the NSO offices. You can also obtain CENOMAR by sending a request to Teleserv and e-Census.

CENOMAR is not a required document for weddings, specifically Catholic weddings. However, there are parishes that require the submission of a CENOMAR for the groom and the bride as to ensure that the two persons will face the altar in good faith.

So, if you are having doubt the person who you are about to marry, I suggest that you get his/her CENOMAR to see if he/she should be trusted or not.


Looking for information on NSO Birth Certificate? Please read my post about NSO Birth Certificate and NSO Birth Certificate delivery

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Friday, May 4, 2012

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - Part 2

Requesting your birth certificate from e-Census is one option for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery. This option is perfect for those who are computer savvy and Internet addicts. The good news is that the National Statistics Office (NSO) has another option for people who do not want to use the e-Census. That NSO Birth Certificate Delivery option is by calling Teleserv.

Teleserv offers various services and one of them NSO Birth Certificate Delivery. NSO authorized Teleserv to accept and process NSO Birth Certificate requests. The agency can also have your NSO Birth Certificate delivered to your home or office.

You can avail of Teleserv’s NSO Birth Certificate Delivery by calling:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery hotline

Teleserv’s hotline number is (02) 737-1111. A call center agent will answer you once you call Teleserv’s hotline number. Just tell the call center agent that you want to avail the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery service. The call center agent is there to help you in every step of the way.

Teleserv promises that they can deliver you NSO Birth Certificate to your delivery address in 3 to 4 days after payment. NSO Birth Certificate Delivery is available for any part of the country.

So, if you need to get your NSO Birth Certificate I suggest that you either try the NSO Birth Certificate of e-Census or call the hotline of Teleserv. You will get your NSO Birth Certificate without any hassle.


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Authorized Payment Centers

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery being offered by e-Census is of the easy and hassle-free way to obtain your birth certificate. I previously posted the step-by-step procedure in requesting for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery at e-Census. What I didn't mentioned on that post are the e-Census' authorized payment centers.

There are only two banks that are authorized to receive payment for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery. These banks are UnionBank and Banco de Oro (BDO).

There are three ways to pay through BDO. You can pay at any BDO branch. If you have a savings account at BDO, then you can pay using BDO's Internet banking or by using you BDO ATM.

The same is true with UnionBank. You can pay at any UnionBank branch. UnionBank account holders can also pay through UnionBank Online Banking or UnionBank ATM.

Just approach any employee of BDO or UnionBank if you opt to pay your NSO Birth Certificate Delivery request at any of their branch. They will help in processing you payment.

Keep in mind that you need to bring the print-out of the NSO Acknowledgement page when you pay at any BDO or UnionBank branch. Bank clerks might refuse to process your payment if you don't have the print-out of the NSO Acknowledgement page.


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NSO Birth Certificate Delivery – Part 1

I talked about NSO Birth Certificate in the previous blog post. Now, let us talk about how you can obtain your NSO Birth Certificate without going to any office of the National Statistics Office (NSO).

I suddenly needed to obtain my NSO Birth Certificate in the month of March this year. My NSO Birth Certificate is one of the requirements for a housing loan that I planned to avail. Unfortunately, I am too busy at the office and I have no time to go to NSO and personally get the birth certificate. I can ask my father to get the birth certificate for me but considering the very hot weather and the threat of heat stroke I decided against it. The only option left is obtain my birth certificate through the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery.

Using the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery is quite easy. Requests for NSO Birth Certificates can be done by few clicks on the mouse and few taps on the keyboard. You don’t need to go to any NSO office because your NSO Birth Certificate will be delivered right at your doorstep.

There are two ways to have your NSO Birth Certificate delivered to your home or office. One way is by requesting your NSO Birth Certificate online through the e-Census website. Another way is by using Teleserv’s NSO Birth Certificate Delivery, which is done through telephone. I will teach you how to use NSO Birth Certificate request service of e-Census in this blog post. I will tackle Teleserv’s NSO Birth Certificate Delivery in the next blog post.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery through e-Census

So, how can you get your birth certificate through the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery? Here is the step by step procedure:

Step 1: Go to NSO’s e-Census website.

Step 2: Read the Required Information for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - Click the “Step 1” button on the e-Census website, as shown on the image below:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - e-Census website

You will be sent to a webpage that informs you what information that you must provide to avail the online application at e-Census. Required information include your name, delivery address with zip code, your telephone number and your email address. Specific required information for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery are:

1. Number of copies of NSO Birth Certificate being requested.
2. Name and maiden name for married women.
3. Sex
4. Place and date of birth
5. Father's name and mother's maiden name
6. Date of registration if you're a late registered
7. Purpose of your request
8. Relationship with the NSO Birth Certificate owner, which is applicable only for legal guardian based on the “The Child and Youth Welfare Code” (PD 603).

Click on the “Click Here to Request Now” button as shown on the image below:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - request now

Step 3. NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Terms and Conditions – Read e-Census' terms and conditions for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery. Click on the “I Accept” button if the terms and conditions is OK for you.

Step 4. Fill Up the Contact and Delivery Information Form – Fully fill out this form. Double check each field before you click the “Next” button. Read the confirmation window and check if all information are correct. If there is no error, click “Confirm” button.

Step 5. Choose the Certificate that You Want – Click on the “Birth Certificate” button (as shown on the image below) since you are requesting for NSO Birth Certificate.
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - summary

Step 6. Answer the Questions that Follows – Just answer “yes” or “no” by clicking on the radio button. Click “Next” after you finished answering all the questions.

Step 7. Fill Up the NSO Birth Certificate Request Form. Click the “Save” button after you filled out the form. Read the confirmation window and check if all the information is correct. Click the “Confirm” button if there is no error. Click “Change/Edit” button if there is an error.

Step 8. Check the Summary Page and see if everything is correct. You can also see how much you should pay for your NSO Birth Certificate. Click on the “Submit” button to go on the next step.

Step 9. Print Two Copies of the Acknowledgement Page. The print-out will serve as your proof of request when paying for your NSO Birth Certificate Delivery request.

Step 10. Pay for Your NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Request at the accredited payment centers. To know more about the accredited payment centers, please read my blog post on NSO Birth Certificate Delivery authorized payment centers.

Step 11. Wait for the Delivery of Your NSO Birth Certificate. Be sure that you always have the Acknowledgement Page print-out with you because the deliveryman might require it.

Delivery time of NSO Birth Certificate for delivery address at Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao is 3 to 5 working days after payment. For other areas in the Philippines, delivery time is 4 to 9 working days after payment. Those in other countries have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before they will receive their NSO Birth Certificate. However, those in other countries can avail of the faster courier service (5 to 8 working days after payment). Request for special courier service can be sent to this e-mail address:

Expect additional 10 to 15 working days waiting time for NSO Birth Certificate requests that require manual search from the NSO archives. You will be informed via e-mail if your NSO Birth Certificate request fell to this case.


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