Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Enroll Additional Savings Accounts in BPIExpressOnline

You can have many accounts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). You can have a savings account, a checking account and a Dollar account or any account in other foreign currencies. The good thing is that you can enroll all of your different BPI accounts in BPIExpressOnline.

Enrolling your accounts in BPIExpressOnline is very useful because it allows you to see the transaction history of your account through the Internet. You can also transfer funds or pay bills on BPIExpressOnline. This is handy when you don’t have time to go a branch of BPI.

Take note that BPIExpressOnline only allows up to 20 BPI savings account and 20 BPI checking account to be enrolled in their system. I don’t know if anyone have plenty of savings and checking accounts.

Enrolling additional accounts in BPIExpressOnline is very easy. I will teach you how but first you must learn how to register in BPIExpressOnline.

Now, let me teach you how to enroll additional accounts in BPIExpressOnline.

Step 1: Initiate Account Enrollment

Log-in to your BPIExpressOnline account. Hover the mouse pointer over the “My Portfolio” button to make some options to drop down. Click the “Enroll Additional Accounts” button.

My Porfolio page of BPIExpressOnline
Step 2: Selecting Account Type to Enroll

A new page will appear where you will be asked to select the account type that you are enrolling.

Enrolment of savings account in BPIExpressOnline

In my case, I selected the “Savings and Checking Account (with ATM card or Info Card)” option since the BPI account that I’m enrolling is a BPI savings account.

Click the “Select” after you chose the correct account type. The “Reset” button may be clicked if you made incorrect selection.

Step 3: Input Your BPI Savings Account Info
Clicking the “Select” will take you to a new webpage where you will be asked to input your BPI savings account number and the Joint Account Indicator (JAI).

Submission of savings account enrolment in BPIExpressOnline

Joint Account Indicator (JAI) is the 2-digit number located at the lower right of your ATM card. See the image below for details.

Joint Account Indicator - BPIExpressOnline

Click the “Submit” button once you input your BPI savings account number and the JAI correctly.

Step 4: Confirmation

A confirmation page will appear.

Confirmation page of BPIExpressOnline

Just take note of the transaction date and time, and the confirmation number. All you have to do now is to wait for your new BPI saving account or BPI checking account to appear in the portfolio of your BPIExpressOnline account.

Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Transfer Funds in BPIExpressOnline

There are times when you need to transfer money from one of your BPI account to another BPI account. In the past, you can only do this money transfer by going to a branch of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It was inconvenient and takes up a lot of your time.

Good thing that BPI already has an online resource, named BPIExpressOnline, where you can do a lot of thing including transferring funds from one account to another.

Last week, I had a sudden need to transfer money from my checking account to my savings account. I almost asked the BPI teller to do the transfer when I realized that I can do it by using the BPIExpressOnline.

You can follow the steps that I outline in the succeeding steps so you can successfully transfer funds. I can say that transferring funds using BPIExpressOnline is really easy. I am sure that you can do it too.

Step 1: Initiate Fund Transfer

Log-in to your BPIExpressOnline account and go to “My Portfolio”.  Hover the mouse’s pointer on the "folder with magnifying glass icon" of the account where you want to transfer your funds. The icon may be found under the “More Options” column. See the image below for guidance.

BPIExpressOnline fund transfer step 1

Click on the “Funds Transfer” to initiate the transfer of money between your BPI accounts.

Step 2: Transfer Funds

You will be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to fill-up the details of the fund transfer.

BPIExpressOnline fund transfer step 2

Input the amount that you want to transfer. You should also select the BPI accounts that will be the source of funds and then the BPI account where you want to transfer the money.

You can also type-in a remark so as to help you recall the details of the fund transfer. Take note that BPIExpressOnline will send a message to your registered email address once the fund transfer is complete.

This email message from BPIExpressOnline is very useful because it will provide you records of the transaction. Another thing is that it can alert you if someone hacked your account and transferred funds without your knowledge.

Click the “Transfer Now” button after you finished filling up the details. I suggest that you double check the details of the fund transfer before you click this button.

Step 3: Confirm Fund Transfer

A pop-up window will appear once you clicked the “Transfer Now” button.

BPIExpressOnline fund transfer step 3

The pop-up window contains details of the fund transfer transaction. Click the “OK” button if the details are correct. If the detail is incorrect or you don’t want to proceed then you should click the “Cancel” button.

A new page will appear once you click the “OK” button.

BPIExpressOnline fund transfer confirmation page

The page will just show you the transaction date and time, confirmation number and the fund transfer details.

Your fund transfer is finished once you see this page.

In just three easy steps, you finished transferring funds at BPIExpressOnline without going to any BPI branch.


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Images used on this article was screen-grabbed from my BPIExpressOnline account.