Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Obtain Your Baby’s Birth Certificate from Manila City Hall

Every child born in the Philippines is required to have a birth certificate. Our Little Ahab is not exempted from this requirement so I went to Manila City Hall to request for his birth certificate from the Civil Registry Office.

Why do I have to go to Manila City Hall for my baby’s birth certificate instead of going directly to National Statistics Office? Well, the reason is that the hospital where Little Ahab was born is located in Manila. Another reason is that the birth certificate from the National Statistics Office (NSO) will only be available 6 months after Little Ahab’s birth.

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Requirements for Birth Certificate Request

The following are the requirements when requesting for birth certificate from the Civil Registry Office:

1. Certificate of Live Birth from the hospital or the midwife

2. Application Form for Birth Certificate, which is available at the Civil Registry Office

3. 50 pesos for local copy of birth certificate, 160 pesos for SECPA with NSO authentication, 190 pesos SECPA with NSO authentication and transmittal, and 240 pesos for SECPA with NSO authentication and transmittal with supplemental

Procedure in Requesting for Birth Certificate from Manila Civil Registrar

Step 1: Get application form from the “Step 1” window. Fill out the form then return it to “Step 1” window with the photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth. The clerk might require you to show the original Certificate of Live Birth.

Step 2: Wait for your baby’s name to be called by the clerk at “Birth Certificate Application” window to get the form that already has the registry number and fee.

Step 3: Pay fee at the “Payment” window.

Step 4: Go to the “Scheduling” window to get the schedule when you should pick up the birth certificate. Don’t forget to get the claim stub.

Step 5: On the day indicated on your claim stub, go to the “Releasing Section” and show your claim stub and receive your baby’s birth certificate.

Requesting your baby's birth certificate from Manila City Hall are easy with the above 5 steps. I spent about 1 hour from Step 1 to Step 4. Manila's Civil Registry Office requires birth certificate applicants to return the next day just to get the birth certificate.