Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jollibee Party Price 2015

Is Jollibee party heavy on the budget? How much money should I save for the food package? These are some of the questions that you might be asking as you plan your child’s Jollibee party.

So to help clarify some of your questions, here are Jollibee Party price for 2015.

Jollibee Party Fee

A fee of 1,250 pesos is automatically added to the cost of any Jollibee party. The party fee pays for the use of the venue and these Jollibee party favors: appearance of Jollibee mascot, 20 game prizes, 10 boxes of crayons, 30 balloons, and 1 message board.

Jollibee party items for 2015

Of course, you can add more items but it will cost you more. Each additional item has its own price. Check it out in the Jollibee Party website.

Jollibee Party Food Packages

Jollibee has 4 standard food packages for Jollibee parties. Here are the prices for each Jollibee Party food package for 2015:

Jollibee Party price 2015 for Food Package A
Jollibee party food package A.

Jollibee Party price 2015 for Food Package B
Jollibee party food package B.

Jollibee Party price 2015 for Food Package C
Jollibee party food package C.

Jollibee Party price 2015 Food Package D
Jollibee party food package D.

There is also a “Create Your Own Package” but I didn’t include that in this post. You can check it out in the Jollibee party website.

Jollibee Party Cake

Your child’s party will never be complete if there is no cake. So, Jollibee also offers cake for it party packages.

Jollibee Party price 2015 for cake

One medium-size costs 900 pesos while the large-size cake costs 1,100 pesos.

Jollibee Party Price for 2015

Summing up the party fee, food package fee, and the cake the Jollibee Party price for 2015 for 30 persons would range from 6,470 pesos to 8,920 pesos.


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Images inn this post was obtained from the Jollibee party website.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jollibee Party Theme Fun-tastic Factory Coming Soon

A new Jollibee party theme is in the works and it will be unveiled on the first day of June 2015. This Jollibee party theme is the Fun-tastic Factory.

The announcement of the new party theme is posted on the Jollibee party website but no other details were provided. We can be sure, however, that the Fun-tastic Factory Jollibee party theme will be filled with exciting giveaways and other surprises that the kids will surely love.

Jollibee Party theme: Fun-tastic Factory
(Source: Jollibee Party website)

Jollibee currently has the following party themes:  Hello Kitty party theme, My Best Friend Jollibee party theme, and Jollitown party theme. The Fun-tastic Factory party theme will replace the My Best Friend Jollibee party theme.

Those who will book their party on and after June 1 can now choose the Fun-tastic Factory party theme for their Jollibee party. You can also choose other Jollibee party themes like Hello Kitty party theme and the Jollitown party theme on that date.


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Sunday, May 3, 2015

How BPI Penalized My Checking Account

I committed the gravest blunder that any BPI Checking Account holder could ever do. That blunder is forgetting to fund the BPI Checking Account.

I issued checks to a real property developer as payments for our PagIBIG Housing Loan. Each check were dated to be cleared or encashed every 15th of the month. Unfortunately, because of busyness of my daily life, I forgot to fund the check prior to the clearing date. I only realized this on the day of the check’s clearing date so I immediately transferred funds using my BPIExpressOnline account.

My effort was too late. The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) immediately penalized me with a whopping 2,200 pesos, which they called as “Unfunded Check Service Charge”.

BPI Logo

I was furious. I wanted to call the BPI hotline and shout at their call center agents.

Good thing that I didn’t do any of that because a little Internet research revealed that it was not BPI’s fault. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), which is the country’s central bank, issued Circular No. 681 that requires banks to return unfunded checks or checks with insufficient funds to the Philippine Clearing House Corporation by 7:30 the next day after the day when the check was presented for clearing.

This only means that banks have no choice but clear on the day indicated on the check. This also means that BPI and other banks had to penalize the checking account holder.

I learned from this grave mistake so I make sure that my check is always funded. I’m also thinking of applying to BPI’s Check Protect to prevent another unfunded check incident to happen.