BREAKING NEWS: Guiness Book of World Record declared Lolong as the largest crocodile in captivity. Read more about this news here.

The Southern part of the Philippines is popular in the news because of the a giant buwaya that was caught there recently. Buwaya is the Tagalog term for crocodile. The giant buwaya, which was named as “Lolong,” is 6.4 meters (21 feet) long and is now considered as the biggest buwaya ever caught in the Philippines. Lolong was caught after destroying around seven traps that was set up the previous days.

Lolong, the buwaya, was named after the veteran Filipino crocodile hunter Ernesto “Lolong” Coñate, who lead the capture of the giant crocodile. Coñate was called to the Agusan Marsh to capture crocodile Lolong after it was reported that the crocodile killed a schoolgirl and a fisherman.

So where to find the giant crocodile? Lolong was captured in the town of Bunawan in the province of Agusan del Sur. The town is a second class municipality wherein some part of the Agusan Marsh is located. Agusan Marsh is the habitat of various animals, including the Lolong and other buwaya.
Buwaya - Lolong is being measured
(Source: Reuters)
The above photo shows how long Lolong is. Here is another photo of Lolong:
Buwaya - Lolong being guarded by police
(Source: AP)
The local officials of Bunawan is considering to build an ecopark for Lolong. The buwaya is already a menace to the citizens of Bunawan, that is why releasing Lolong to the wild is not being considered. The local government also consider making Lolong as the town's tourist attraction.


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