Thursday, November 14, 2019

Newest Jollibee Party Theme (November 2019): Jollitown Theme Park

Jollibee recently released the new Jollibee Party brochure that features the newest Jollibee Party theme for November 2019 and the coming months. 

This new Jollibee party theme is Jollitown Town Theme Park.

If your child likes to go to theme park like Enchanted Kingdom, then that new Jollibee Party theme is perfect for your birthday plans. 

This new Jollibee party theme replaced the Jollitown theme. 

Here are the complete list of Jollibee party themes:

Jollibee Party Themes

The other Jollibee party themes are JolliRace, Hello Kitty Fun Carnival, and Jollibee Fantasy Land. 

The design of the Jollibee birthday cake from Red Ribbon is based on the Jollibee party theme. 

Jollibee Party Cakes

Are you interested in having the Jollitown Theme Park as Jollibee party theme? Then I recommend that you read the next post to know how much money you'll spend for a Jollibee party.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Discounted McDo Birthday Party for 2019

Parents of kids who have birthday celebration in November and December have an early Christmas treat from McDonald's. This is the discounted McCelebrations. 

Brochure of McDo Birthday Party Discounted Package 2019

This promo is actually for Christmas parties but I believe that this can also be applied for birthday parties.

McDonald's will give 10% food discount if you book your Christmas or birthday party from November 1 to 30. The discount is only applicable for parties scheduled from November 15 to December 31, 2019.

A minimum of 5,000 pesos food purchase is required for you to avail of the food discount. The discount is only applicable to the total food bill upon confirmation of the Mcdo Birthday Party. 

You also have the option to get Mcdonald's Gift Certificate instead of the food discount. 

Here are the Mcdo Birthday Party food packages that available for the promo:

McDo Birthday Party 2019 - Christmas Season Packages

Mcdo Party Food Package 1

Consists of 1-piece  McDo chicken with rice, apple pie, 250 ml Minute Maid orange juice, and Happy Meal toy for 195 pesos.

Mcdo Party Food Package 2

Consists of 1-piece McNuggets with rice, 250 ml Minute Maid orange juice, and Happy Meal toy for 170 pesos.

Mcdo Party Food Package 3

Consists of 1-piece  McDo chicken with rice, Burger McDo, 250 ml Minute Maid orange juice, and Happy Meal toy for 195 pesos.

Mcdo Party Food Package 4

Consists of 2-piece McDo chicken with rice, apple pie, and 250 ml Minute Maid orange juice for 230 pesos.

The good news is that Senior Citizens Discount is applicable for the McDo birthday party or any McCelebration. Senior Citizens will get the McDo's promotion discount or the Senior Citizens Discount, whichever is higher. 

This is a good promo for those who are planning to celebrate birthdays this Christmas Season. So,  mommies and daddies go to the nearest McDonald's for inquiries about this promo.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Mang Inasal Hotline for Your Chicken Inasal Cravings

Mang Inasal is our “go to” place whenever we crave for roasted chicken. The yummy chicken cooked over hot coals and the famous chicken oil almost always make us order Mang Inasal’s unli-rice meals. I believe that many Pinoys have the same sentiment that’s why Mang Inasal is always full every lunch time and dinner time.

What if you crave for Mang Inasal roasted chicken but you cannot go to a Mang Inasal branch? The answer to that question is that you contact the Mang Inasal hotline and order your favorite chicken inasal and other favorite Filipino meals.

The Mang Inasal delivery hotline is:  #733-1111

Mang Inasal Hotline
(Source: Mang Inasal)

The above telephone number will bring you to Mang Inasal’s Centralized Delivery System. Unfortunately, the above Mang Inasal hotline is only available in selected Metro Manila and Provincial Luzon areas.

The Mang Inasal hotline for stores outside of Metro Manila is the telephone number of mobile number of that Mang Inasal branch. The Mang Inasal branch in Sta. Cruz (Laguna), for example, has this telephone number for delivery: 501-7705.

Mang Inasal Hotline Sta. Cruz, Laguna
(Source: Mang Inasal Sta. Cruz FB)

If you are outside of Metro Manila and you wish to have your favorite chicken inasal delivered to your home or work place, then I suggest that you get the Mang Inasal hotline of the Mang Inasal branch nearest to you.

If you have concerns or complaints, you may contact the following Mang Inasal hotline:

Mang Inasal Main Office: (02) 898-7777
Mang Inasal SMS Hotline: 0917-131-8000
Mang Inasal E-mail:  

Here are Mang Inasal hotline that I had gathered so far:
Mang Inasal Metro Manila and selected Provincial Luzon areas: #733-1111
Mang Inasal Sta. Cruz, Laguna: 501-7705