Preparing a Jollibee party is easy because Jollibee gives its customers a wide range of options for its Jollibee party. Each Jollibee party package has its own sets of menu or food. Jollibee gives you the power to decide who of the other mascots will accompany Jollibee during the birthday party. Jollibee also allows you to choose the food from the Jollibee menu that will be prepared for the party.  Lastly, Jollibee also allows you to choose the party theme. You can choose from Batman, Jollitown, Barbie and My Bestfriend Jollibee party themes.

Parents don’t need to worry because each Jollibee party package has available party items that are suited for the chosen theme. For the Jollitown themed Jollibee party package, the available items are guest book, invitation card, tray liners, party hats, and loot bags. Here’s how these items looks like:
Jollitown theme guest book
Jollitown Theme guest book
Jollitown theme invitation cards
Jollitown theme invitation cards.
Jollitown theme loot bag
Jollitown theme loot bag.
Jollitown theme name tags
Jollitown theme name tags.
Jollitown theme party hats
Jollitown theme party hats.
Jollitown theme tray liners
Jollitown theme tray liners.


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