Thursday, May 25, 2017

FALSE MESSAGE: Philippine Red Cross Warning on Maute Group Attack in Metro Manila

It seems like there are so many people who have nothing to do but to cause stir trouble. In the midst of the continuing war against the Maute Group in Marawi City, some people chose to spread messages that will cause panic to the Filipino people.

I received this message via Facebook Messenger this morning:

False Message about terror alert in Metro Manila

The message says:

Do not post on your fb wall for security reason.
Please pass to family members and friends
ASAP please.........
This was confirmed by Gen. Bato's staff
Hello everyone in Manila, please stay clear off malls for the time being. We received intelligence of 4 women from Basilan plotting to do suicide bombings in malls in Manila. All malls are on high alert. Thank you.
Pls Pass by personal message only. Not posting on your wall for our security. thanks
Please take this serious, from Red Cross Philippines

I instantly doubted the truthfulness of this message. Thankfully, the Philippine Red Cross has an official message in Twitter denying the veracity of the message.

Official message from Philippine Red Cross about terror alert in Metro Manila

The message is definitely a fake and should not be spread.

There is a possibility that terror groups are the source of this message to sow fear and terror to the Filipino people.

Of course, all of us are still called to be vigilant and contact the police if you see any suspicious persons, objects, or activities.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Buy RiteMed Via LandBank Salary Loan

We Filipinos say "bawal magkasakit" because it is too expensive to be ill. Being admitted to a hospital costs a lot. Even medicines are expensive.

Thus, Landbank and RiteMed joined forces to help Pinoys to get the medicine they need without the high cost.

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This Landbank Salary Loan allows Pinoys to buy medicines even if they don't have cash.

Landbank Salary Loan - Medicine Loan

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