In an old article, I complained about CD-R King's USB extension cord with signal booster. The USB extension cord did not work so I went to Binondo Chinatown branch of CD-R King, where I purchased the product, and I tried to exchange the faulty extension to a functioning one. To make the long story short, I exchanged the faulty cord with another product just to make sure that my money is not wasted and I still get the functionality that I need.

There is another a complaint against CD-R King and my brother is the one who is complaining this time. My brother bought CD-R King's Sierra All in One Card Reader.

CD-R King's card reader has five slots for the various kinds of card readers available. CD-R King's card reader supports CF, MS, SD, T-F and M2 memory cards. CD-R King's M Series card has USB 2.0 interface.

The card reader looks OK and cheap, that's why my brother bought it. However, when he inserted his CF memory card, he is being prompted to reformat the card. My brother is sure that the CF memory card has no problem that's why he went to CD-R King to ask for a replacement. They told him that the product is out of stock that's why they can't replace it. CD-R King doesn’t do a refund so my brother can't get his money back. In frustration, he left CD-R King and went to another shop to buy another card reader. To his surprise, he saw this:

That is Newmen All in One Card Reader (CR-108). The features are similar with that of CD-R King's card reader but at a higher price. It seems like CD-R King copied Newmen's card reader.

CD-R King's products are indeed cheap but crappy. Whenever I need a gadget, I avoid CD-R King's products because of my bad experiences with them.


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Images taken from the websites of CD-R King and NewmenTech.

  1. sheila May 20, 2011 at 6:49 PM  

    CDR-King= BIG FAIL. I would never go back to CDR-King for any electronics. The speakers-woofer I bought for my PC lasted just 20 days, and they can't repair or replace. In contrast, an old set lasted for almost 5 years. Spend a little extra (maybe 30% more) when you buy reliable brands, but you will be happier with the investment.

  2. Ishmael Fischer Ahab May 21, 2011 at 3:09 PM  

    Agree with you Sheila. CD-R King is known for crappy products. But I know their products are crappy because they are disposable.

    CD-R King should reiterate that their products are disposable and prone to ruin so that people know what they are buying.

    As for me, I avoid CD-R King as much as I could.