I noticed that during the days after pay day, my office mates have their usual special merienda. I said that it is special because it is not their usual merienda of chips, bread or boiled bananas from the canteen. Their special merienda came from a Jollibee delivery.

Days after pay day, an office mate of mine will ask each of us in the office if we want to have merienda from Jollibee. Since I am a cheapskate, I always say “no.” Jollibee delivery is fast because the delivery boy is already in our office few minutes after my office mate ordered their merienda.

I think that Jollibee delivery is one of the fastest in delivering the food that you ordered as compared with the other food establishments in Metro Manila.

If you want some Jollibee delivery of your favorite items in Jollibee menu, then I suggest that you dial their hotline: 8-7000

Also, Jollibee set-up a Jollibee Online Delivery that allows customers to order their favorite langhap sarap meals via the Internet.

Thus, if you are craving for a langhap sarap meals on Jollibee menu even during the evening, then I suggest that you order through their hotline 8-7000 or Jollibee Online Delivery.


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