Saturday, May 28, 2011

On Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo TV commercials are making a big fuss about dandruff. In the past, people are not worried about their scalp or the minimal dandruff on their head. The only ones who are worrying about dandruff, in the past, are those who have excessive dandruff problems and they turn to anti-dandruff shampoos that are considered as special type of shampoo solution back then. But now, TV commercials are telling people that if you have even minimal or unnoticeable dandruff then you are undesirable. Your crush will ignore you or even shun you and a host of other scenario to make people feel that they “need” to use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

In the Philippines today, the two leading anti-shampoo brands are Clear and Head and Shoulders. I got a chance to use Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo during the time that it was launched and free promotional sachet of Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo are given to the public.

When I used Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo, I noticed that my scalp felt itchy. I used Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo for few days and I noticed that it worsen the dandruff on my head. Dandruff became plenty and larger in size. Because of that, I stopped using Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo and returned to regular shampoo brands. It is possible that the formulation of Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo is not suitable for my scalp.
(Source: NugglePurl)

My story about Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo occurred years ago and I thought that the formulation of the shampoo may have been changed now. However, I received a story from my brother that he too experienced itchiness on his scalp and worsening of his dandruff problem when he used Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo recently.

I believe that Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo is effective in combating dandruff problems that is why many people are using it. However, the formulation of Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo is not for everyone. This fact is also applicable to Head and Shoulders Anti-dandruff shampoo and to regular shampoo brands. Some people have sensitive scalp that is why before using any shampoo, I suggest that you test it first to know if it will make your scalp and hair feel better.


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  1. i get similar results with these two anti-dandruff shampoos. i use nizoral instead, although relatively costly...

  2. If you are getting the results that you want then the cost doesn't matter much. You have made the right decision to use Nizoral Anon.


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