Last week, I read about HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training from the blog of my friend FoongPC. According to him, he is doing HIIT routine to replace his routines for his exercise. FoongPC said that he likes HIIT routine because it saves time, strengthen the heart, helps him lose fat more effectively, helps him look younger and help him build a better looking body.

I believe that HIIT is a good form of exercise. A HIIT routine is composed of high intensity exercise followed by low intensity exercises that help the muscle and body recover from the high intensity exercise. Another good thing about HIIT routine is that it is not confined to only one form of exercise. You can apply HIIT routine to other activities like running, walking on the treadmill and other form of exercise. To help you in your exercise, here is my friend’s HIIT routine:

My friend’s HIIT Routine:  Jogging or Running

HIIT routine for jogging or running is the one preferred by my friend. According to him, he start his HIIT routine by running fast for one minute. After that, we jog or walk moderately for 3 minutes. He alternate fast run and the moderate jog for 6 to 7 times. My friend said that HIIT routine for jogging or running quite demanding that is why he is only able to do it for 2 to 3 times per week.

If you are looking for another HIIT routine, I suggest that you visit Body Building website.