UPDATE (January 2, 2013): Jollibee already removed the Transformers Jollibee Party Theme. The available party themes left are the My Bestfriend Jollibee theme, Barbie theme, Jollitown theme and Batman theme.


I recently wrote about the available party items for Jollibee party package that has the Jollitown theme. There are other themes than the Jollitown theme, these are the Transformers theme, Barbie theme and My Best Friend is Jollibee theme.

Transformers theme is a Jollibee party package that is perfect for the boys. Your son will definitely enjoy having party seeing the Autobots and the Decepticons. Each of the party items have a drawings or an item that came from the Transformers.

Just like the other Jollibee party package, the Transformers theme has tray liners, party hats, invitation cards and birthday cakes as party items. Here are the those party items:
Jollibee party package - Transformers invitation cards
Transformers theme invitation card
Jollibee party package - Transformers party hats
Transformers themed party hats.
Jollibee party package - Transformers tray liners
Transformers themed tray liners.
Jollibee party package - Transformers birthday cakes
Transformers themed birthday cakes.

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