Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where to Find TigerAirways Promo

Are you looking for discounted flight deals? Did you tried searching for discounts in Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Zest Air but to no avail? Well maybe you TigerAirways has the flight that you are looking for and you should give it a try.

TigerAirways is a growing international airline that offers budget airfares to its patron. If you think that Cebu Pacific is the only airline that offers 1-peso fare, then you are wrong. TigerAirways also offer 1-peso fare. This is the reason why you should also place this budget airline in your alert list.
Logo of TigerAirways
(Source: Wiki Commons)

So how can you know if TigerAirways has promo deals? It's easy! One way you can do is to subscribe to the TigerAirways “E-Deals”, which are sent via e-mail. You can learn how to sign up to e-deals by reading my post, How to Get Discount News from TigerAirways.

Another way is to follow TigerAirways on Twitter and Facebook.

But I think the best way of checking the promo fares of TigerAirways is to go to their website.

TigerAirways has a list of the most current flight deals.

Of course you can check it out by going to the TigerAirways website.

Hope you find the promo deals that you want. Bon voyage!

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