Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seating Yourself Inside the Bus

If you have the habit of sleeping, especially while riding a public bus, then this tip is applicable to you. Riding a public bus is a little bit dangerous if you are the type who is not prudent with your personal belongings. There are many people out there who have the habit of eyeing valuable belongings of their fellow commuter.

Take this experience of mine while passing by Ali Mall, Cubao along EDSA. Five persons went up our bus. However, they ignored the driver’s request for them to take their seat. Knowing that their cover was blown, all five of them went down the bus. Apparently, those five are thieves who are looking for valuable things to snatch from other passengers.

There many time that driver’s do not care if there passengers were actually thieves, thus they don’t warn other passengers of the possibilities of a thief inside their bus. So as a prudent commuter in the Philippines, I suggest that you take these seating tips to avoid being victimized by these vultures.

Tip Number 1: Take the Most Front Seat

The most front seat will give you the benefit of being beside the bus driver. The bus driver will also serve as your eye if your seatmate has an itchy palm (in other words, a thief). Bus drivers are knowledgeable about persons they encounter in the streets, thus they can better sense who is dangerous or not. Seating near the driver will give the thief second thoughts of taking your wallet or your cellphone.

Tip Number 2: Take the Seat Nearest to the Window

Sitting beside the window will ensure that one side of your body is safe from pickpockets. So if your wallet or cellular phone is in your left pocket then sit on the left side of the bus. If your valuables are in the right pocket, then sit on the right side of the bus. As much as possible, avoid sitting in the middle seat on the left side of the bus since it is the most uncomfortable seat inside the bus because you are crushed on both side.

Tip Number 3: Never Sit at the Back

If the most rear end seat is the best place for you inside the classroom, then it is not so in commuting in a public bus. The most rear seat is the easiest place to be preyed upon by hold-uppers since it is beyond the sight of most passengers. These vultures will just point their knives at you, without anyone noticing, and then take all your belongings. Many passengers had been preyed upon on this part of the bus. For me this the most dangerous part of the bus.

Tip Number 4: Be Vigilant

This is the best of all the tips that I dispensed here. Vigilance will keep you away from thieves and hold-uppers. If the vultures saw that you are aware of your surroundings then they will think twice of choosing you as their victim. Remember, thieves prefer those who are weak and easy to trick. Those who are not vigilant will have more chances of being preyed upon by these vultures. So as a prudent commuter, I suggest that you keep your eyes open and don’t let them get on you.


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