Sunday, March 14, 2010

Commuting Danger Zone: Litex Area

 Map of Litex Area

Litex is the area that is located at the intersection of three roads. These roads are the Payatas Roads (formerly Gravel Pit Road), Batasan Road, and the Commonwealth Avenue. Payatas Road pass through Barangay Payatas then along the La Mesa Watershed and ends in the town of Montalban (Rodriguez) in Rizal Province. The infamous Payatas can be seen when you pass the Payatas Road. This road is used by many people who live in Montalban and other areas near the Montalban-Quezon City boundary but work or study in Metro Manila.

Batasan Road, on the other hand, leads to the House of Representative.

Litex is alive 24 hours a day due to the fact that many people pass through this area. Consequently, Litex is filled with pedestrians and street vendors that hogged the sidewalks. Thieves and snatchers prowl this area and look for unwary commuters that brandish their cellular phones.

When passing or commuting through Litex, make sure that your valuables are well hidden. Never bring your cellphone out in this area especially when the jeepney runs slow due to heavy traffic. The congested streets and the slowing down of jeepneys are the opportunities waited upon by snatcher to snatch up their targets.

You should also avoid wearing valuable earrings when you are in Litex. Many girls got their ears torn because thieves snatched their earrings away.

As much as possible, avoid Litex and Payatas Road during late nights because many criminals board public jeepneys to hijack the jeepney and steal everything valuable from the passengers.

When you are in a car, it is safer to roll up the windows and lock all doors.

Remember, when traveling and commuting, you can never be too careful. Be extra cautious when you are Commuting Danger Zones and that includes Litex.


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Map of Litex Area obatined from Google Maps


  1. Yes, I will never pass that road again. We went to Montalban Rizal and on our way home, thats where we passed through. Around 8:00pm, while on board our SUV, somebody threw a stone which caused damage on our side door and side visor(driver's side). We didnt stopped since there might be a carjacker/holdupper to meet us. We were very nervous, we wanted to report the matter to a nearby police station but unfortunately, we didnt found one. Katakot talaga dyan!! We came kasi from Wawa dam. Pero pag ganyan ang dadaanan mo wala na pupunta dyan sa wawa dam, except via Marikina- San Mateo Road na lang ang daanan. Anyone from the Police in the area to solve the problem?

  2. Hello Anon,

    I experienced the same thing noong nakasakay ako sa jeep dati. Nakaupo ako sa tabi passenger's seat (sa tabi ng driver's seat) tapos bigla na lang nabasag yung windshield ng jeep. Ayung pala may nambato. Thankfull, yung bato ang nagmintis ng few centimeters sa akin dahil kung hindi tiyak na magkakapasa ako at posibleng internal injury.

    Tama yang ginawa ninyo na hindi tumigil dahil malamang isang modus yan to hold-up or carjack you. Grupo kasi ang kumikilos sa area na iyan at nakaupo lang sa gilid ng kalsada at naghihntay ng bibiktimahin. Thnk God at walang nasaktan sa inyo.

    Patungkol naman sa mga pulis. Hindi mo sila maasahan d'yan. Kung totoong hinuhuli nila yang mga criminals syan eh siguradong walang tatayo-tayong snatchers sa gilid ng mga kalsada sa Litex.

    Mukhang tulog sa pansitan yung mga pulis diyan sa Litex Area.

  3. kasi nga tuta din ng mga pulis yung mga snatchers at magnanakaw


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