Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Commuting Danger Zone: Cubao

Cubao, Quezon City had been one of the most visited places in the Metro. A long time ago, this area is packed with people because of its malls, like the Ali Mall, Isetan, CDO and Plaza Fair. There are also many movie houses and shops that have many patrons in the past. The presence of the Araneta Coliseum is also the reason why Cubao is always visited by many people.

Cubao also serve as the hub of many terminals of buses that ply to different provinces around the country.

Though, many commercial hubs around the Metro had risen, Cubao is still one of the most visited places in Metro Manila. Because of this, Cubao is one of the most attractive places for criminals like thieves, snatchers, and hold-uppers.

Always be Alert

When you are in Cubao, always be on alert on all people around you. Thieves don’t usually bother anyone who seems to be alert because they prefer a much easier prey. Thus, being alert is a big factor in keeping criminals at bay.

I have one experience when a group of people, which composed of about eight persons, climbed up the bus I am riding on in Cubao. After a few meters, all of them got down from the bus and some minutes later one of the passenger discovered that some of his belongings were stolen.

The lesson from this is that you should be alert when you are in Cubao Area. Always be alert of all the people that ride on your jeepney or bus so as to prevent being a victim of thieves.


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