Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New on Jollibee Menu: Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream

Jollibee keeps on pumping out new items on Jollibee menu. Last time I talked about the Jollibee Float. Now, Jollibee reinvented its French fries by creating two new flavors. The two new flavors of Jollibee's French fries are the Jolly Crispy Fries Cheese and the Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream.

Me and my beloved saw these new items on the Jollibee menu that's why we gave it a try. My beloved chose the Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream. The cashier told us that the new fries are only available in “large” size only. There is no such thing as regular sized Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream. I wondered why because it is easy to offer French fries in “regular” size no matter what the flavor is.

According to iSoda, he found the Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream as tasteless. He said that he ended up eating it with ketchup just for it to have a taste. We did not have the same experience with our Jolly Crispy Fries. Our Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream taste what it should taste and it tastes as fried potatoes with sour cream.
Jollibee Menu Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream
Jolly Crispy Fries Sour Cream. Source Jollibee.

Maybe iSoda's fries became tasteless because the Jollibee crew did not put enough sour cream flavor on his fries. That is possible because fastfoods have notorious reputation when it comes to controlling the quality of food that they serve for their customers.

I do agree with iSoda and I say that potato fries taste much better on stalls that specialize on selling fried potatoes. I remember one stall where sister and I bought fried potatoes on sticks that have delicious flavor. I forgot the name but their shops are located on MRT and LRT stations and along corridors inside major malls.

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  1. i love fries with sour cream! :D

  2. Oh! More new stuffs on the menu? Good to know Jollibee is adding new food items to keep attracting customers. Talking about fries, I think I still prefer McD's fries : )

  3. Btw, I've found a way for you add me to your blogroll list. Instead of using my blog's URL, you can try using my blog's RSS. Here it is.. http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyVeryFirstBlog

    Try it and let me know if it works! Thanks! : )

  4. Caroline

    Me too. ^_^


    What I like with McDo is their Twister Fries.

    Hey...I will try adding your RSS. Maybe it will solve the problem of your feeds of your blog on my Google Reader.

  5. well, i haven't tried this one. thanks for the reminder of jollibee's new flavored french fries =)


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