Thursday, August 25, 2011

Order Online from Chowking Delivery

Craving for Chowking halo-halo? Are you thinking of Chowking’s Chinese-style chicken? Do you want to eat at Chowking but you are trapped inside your cubicle and you have no one to face but your office computer? Fret no more because Chowking made a convenient option for you to eat meals from Chowking menu even if you are in the office. That option is the online Chowking delivery.

Ordering through online Chowking delivery can be done in three easy steps. First step is to choose the food that you want to order on the Chowking menu available on their website. Clicking any of the food categories on the top of the Chowking homepage will bring you to a new webpage.
online Chowking delivery - Chao Fan
I chose Chowking’s Chao Fan.
The next step is for you to load up your “food tray” by clicking on the “Select Options” button of your desired item. Once you finished loading up your “food tray,” you are now ready to for check out and wait for your meals to come to your office.

Online Chowking delivery accepts orders from 8 AM to 9 PM only. However, you can still order Chowking meals beyond those hours by dialing 9-8888. Chowking delivery is only available in Metro Manila, excluding Malabon and Navotas areas.

What are you waiting for? Visit Chowking website now.


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