Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There is Jollitown Online?

Jollitown is the popular children-oriented TV show that stars Jollibee and his friends. It is being aired every Sunday morning at ABS-CBN.

I was surprised to discover that Jollitown can not only be found on TV but is also present in the Internet. Yes, Jollitown has an online game and I am sure that certified Jollitown fanatics will like it because it allows them to play with Jollibee, Twirlie, Hetty, Popo and Yum.

Joining Jollitown is easy. All you have to do is visit the Jollitown website and fill up the sign up form.  At Jollitown, you can create your Jollitown avatar and you can also build a house for your avatar. The goal of the Jollitown game is to make your avatar happy.
Jollitown of Jollibee
The online land of Jollitown
A “happiness meter” is located at the lower part of the Jollitown screen. Jollitown players need to play games every day to keep their Jollitown avatar happy. Some of the games in Jollitown are the Fun Tram and the Aqua Quest.
Jollitown game: Fun Tram
Jollitown game: Fun Tram.
Aside from making your Jollitown avatar happy, playing games also allows you to get Jollitown Points. These points can be used to buy items for your Jollitown avatar like clothes and furniture for its home. I thought that the Jollitown Points can be used to buy Jollibee items in the real world. Too bad that that is not the case.

Jollitown is a good place for certified Jollibee kids and fans of the Jollitown TV show. So, if you are a Jollitown fan or have a child who is a Jollibee fan then I recommend Jollitown for you or your kid. Enjoy playing!


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