Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expensive LBC Padala

My beloved was furious the other day when she sent the ticket print-out for her parents’ flight from Iloilo to Davao. She said that LBC (touted as Hari ng Padala) ripped her of money. She went to a LBC branch in Laguna to have the two pages of ticket print-out be sent to Iloilo. My beloved was forced to send the print-out through LBC Padala because Cebu Pacific doesn’t allow its passengers to board the airplane if they don’t have a print-out of their ticket.

The LBC Padala clerk gave her the regular price for sending documents to the Visayas. According to the LBC Padala website, the regular price for the regular sized documents is just 95 pesos. The price suddenly went up to 165 pesos when the LBC clerk saw that she is sending a Cebu Pacific ticket print-out.  The clerk insisted that the ticket print-out is “very” important document that’s why the price for an LBC Padala was increased. My beloved insisted that the ticket is just simple print-out.
LBC Padala rate calculator
LBC Padala Rate Calculator. It seems like the assessment of the LBC clerk
for the print-out is high.
I am a suki (regular customer) of LBC. I have been using LBC Padala whenever I am sending something to the provinces. I believe that 165 pesos price for a simple print-out is too much. This incident made me wonder if LBC Padala is the best and cheapest courier in the country today. I guess it is time to check the other courier companies like the JRS Express AND Air21.


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