Monday, January 2, 2012

How to Search for Jollibee Party Stores

Many kids want to have Jollibee party. It doesn't matter if it is done on their birthday or on any other occasion. What matters is Jollibee, the mascot, is there to celebrate their party with them. There are some steps to take when you want to give your son or a your daughter a Jollibee kids' party. One of them is to check your budget and see what Jollibee party package will fit. Next is to choose the Jollibee party package theme that you want. The last step that you should do is to check where to do your Jollibee kids' party.

Not all Jollibee branches can host a Jollibee kids' party. So, this means that the Jollibee branch nearest to your house may not host the party that you want for your child.

Fortunately, Jollibee website has a list of Jollibee stores. The list is called as Jollibee Store Finder. All you need to do at the Jollibee Store Finder is to click on the Area, then the Municipality or City and then the store that you want to check.

Here is a screen grab of Jollibee Store Finder where I selected Metro Manila for Area, Caloocan for Municipality/City and Zabarte for Store. Details can be seen under the “Details” column of the list.

Click on the image for a bigger view.

Jollibee Store Finder

Important details like the Jollibee store address, telephone numbers and business hours can be seen. The “Details”column will also show if the Jollibee store can host a Jollibee party. Looking at the screen grab, you can see the word part at the bottom of the column. This means that Jollibee Zabarte can host a Jollibee party for your kids. You can check other Jollibee stores, in other city and in other area and see their details.


  1. Kaliwa't kanan ang jolibee dito sa may amin! Mas pinapasok pa nga kaysa mcdo. Happy 2012 sa inyong lahat dyan!

  2. Jollibee is always the first choice of moms and kids who plans for a big bday celebration.My niece and nephew will celebrate their upcoming bdays, and they both want Jollibee to host the party. Good thing the last celebrant agreed to have mcdo instead para maiba. =)

  3. Einz

    Cool. Para naman may raket sina McDonalds, Grimace, Hamburglar and friends.


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