Saturday, March 31, 2012

New on Jollibee Menu: Milo Blast

My beloved noticed something on the Jollibee Menu the last time we visited a branch of Jollibee. She saw the new flavor of Sundae Mix-Ins. This new flavor of Sundae Mix-Ins on the Jollibee menu is the Milo Blast.

Since I am abstaining from meat, I chose the crispy bangus from the Jollibee menu. My beloved, on the other hand, didn't ordered any heavy meal but just chose the Milo Blast. It seems like she wanted to go directly to dessert just to have a taste of the new Sundae Mix-Ins on Jollibee menu.

The Milo Blast combined the Jollibee's soft serve (also known as Sundae), crushed cookies, Milo cereal balls and Milo powder.
Jollibee Menu - Milo Blast
Delicious Milo Blast

My beloved definitely had a blast with this new Sundae Mix-Ins on Jollibee Menu. She is a fan of Jollibee's Sundae and she usually drinks Milo during breakfast. Jollibee's Milo Blast mixed these two favorite of hers and she liked it.

I took a spoonfull of Jollibee's Milo Blast and I can say that it tastes good. The good taste of Jollibee's Sundae was enhanced by the taste of Milo powder. The crushed cookies and the Milo cereal added a punch with cruchiness.

This new item on Jollibee menu is a winner. Jollibee created a new dessert that many Jollibee fans will surely enjoy.


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