Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery – Part 1

I talked about NSO Birth Certificate in the previous blog post. Now, let us talk about how you can obtain your NSO Birth Certificate without going to any office of the National Statistics Office (NSO).

I suddenly needed to obtain my NSO Birth Certificate in the month of March this year. My NSO Birth Certificate is one of the requirements for a housing loan that I planned to avail. Unfortunately, I am too busy at the office and I have no time to go to NSO and personally get the birth certificate. I can ask my father to get the birth certificate for me but considering the very hot weather and the threat of heat stroke I decided against it. The only option left is obtain my birth certificate through the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery.

Using the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery is quite easy. Requests for NSO Birth Certificates can be done by few clicks on the mouse and few taps on the keyboard. You don’t need to go to any NSO office because your NSO Birth Certificate will be delivered right at your doorstep.

There are two ways to have your NSO Birth Certificate delivered to your home or office. One way is by requesting your NSO Birth Certificate online through the e-Census website. Another way is by using Teleserv’s NSO Birth Certificate Delivery, which is done through telephone. I will teach you how to use NSO Birth Certificate request service of e-Census in this blog post. I will tackle Teleserv’s NSO Birth Certificate Delivery in the next blog post.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery through e-Census

So, how can you get your birth certificate through the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery? Here is the step by step procedure:

Step 1: Go to NSO’s e-Census website.

Step 2: Read the Required Information for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - Click the “Step 1” button on the e-Census website, as shown on the image below:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - e-Census website

You will be sent to a webpage that informs you what information that you must provide to avail the online application at e-Census. Required information include your name, delivery address with zip code, your telephone number and your email address. Specific required information for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery are:

1. Number of copies of NSO Birth Certificate being requested.
2. Name and maiden name for married women.
3. Sex
4. Place and date of birth
5. Father's name and mother's maiden name
6. Date of registration if you're a late registered
7. Purpose of your request
8. Relationship with the NSO Birth Certificate owner, which is applicable only for legal guardian based on the “The Child and Youth Welfare Code” (PD 603).

Click on the “Click Here to Request Now” button as shown on the image below:
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - request now

Step 3. NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Terms and Conditions – Read e-Census' terms and conditions for NSO Birth Certificate Delivery. Click on the “I Accept” button if the terms and conditions is OK for you.

Step 4. Fill Up the Contact and Delivery Information Form – Fully fill out this form. Double check each field before you click the “Next” button. Read the confirmation window and check if all information are correct. If there is no error, click “Confirm” button.

Step 5. Choose the Certificate that You Want – Click on the “Birth Certificate” button (as shown on the image below) since you are requesting for NSO Birth Certificate.
NSO Birth Certificate Delivery - summary

Step 6. Answer the Questions that Follows – Just answer “yes” or “no” by clicking on the radio button. Click “Next” after you finished answering all the questions.

Step 7. Fill Up the NSO Birth Certificate Request Form. Click the “Save” button after you filled out the form. Read the confirmation window and check if all the information is correct. Click the “Confirm” button if there is no error. Click “Change/Edit” button if there is an error.

Step 8. Check the Summary Page and see if everything is correct. You can also see how much you should pay for your NSO Birth Certificate. Click on the “Submit” button to go on the next step.

Step 9. Print Two Copies of the Acknowledgement Page. The print-out will serve as your proof of request when paying for your NSO Birth Certificate Delivery request.

Step 10. Pay for Your NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Request at the accredited payment centers. To know more about the accredited payment centers, please read my blog post on NSO Birth Certificate Delivery authorized payment centers.

Step 11. Wait for the Delivery of Your NSO Birth Certificate. Be sure that you always have the Acknowledgement Page print-out with you because the deliveryman might require it.

Delivery time of NSO Birth Certificate for delivery address at Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao is 3 to 5 working days after payment. For other areas in the Philippines, delivery time is 4 to 9 working days after payment. Those in other countries have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before they will receive their NSO Birth Certificate. However, those in other countries can avail of the faster courier service (5 to 8 working days after payment). Request for special courier service can be sent to this e-mail address: e-census.info@census.gov.ph.

Expect additional 10 to 15 working days waiting time for NSO Birth Certificate requests that require manual search from the NSO archives. You will be informed via e-mail if your NSO Birth Certificate request fell to this case.


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  1. Hi - Would you know their courier for the delivery? Thanks!

  2. Iris

    If I remember it correctly, they used Air21 as their courier.


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