Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jollibee Branches in NAIA

Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is about to leave our country to work in “greener pastures” abroad? Or are you one of the Filipinos who decided to migrate to other place outside of the Philippines? If you are, then I bet that you will miss many of things connected to our identity as Filipino. You will miss the fiesta, our mouthwatering dishes and the entertaining politics. It is highly probable that you will miss the country's favorite fast food restaurant, Jollibee.

“But I am already in NAIA and I want to eat Langhap Sarap meals!”, your mind suddenly exclaimed.

Don't fret my friend. You still have the chance to taste an item from Jollibee menu even if you are already in NAIA Terminal 1. Jollibee operates a branch in NAIA Terminal 1.
NAIA Terminal 1 Jollibee branch
NAIA Terminal 1 branch of Jollibee.
The NAIA Terminal 1 branch of Jollibee is located on the second floor of the waiting area outside of the terminal. The waiting area is for family, friends and “sundo” who are waiting for arriving passengers from abroad.

That Jollibee branch occupies just a small place so it is better that you take-out your orders. The space of that Jollibee branch may be small but the food is still the Langhap-Sarap that we Filipinos loved.

A better-looking Jollibee branch can be found inside NAIA Terminal 3. If you happen to be in this terminal, then I suggest that you eat that this Jollibee branch instead going to the NAIA Terminal 1 Jollibee branch.
NAIA Terminal 3 Jollibee branch
NAIA Terminal 3 branch of Jollibee.

Whatever branch you choose, I recommend that you eat one Jollibee meal before you go flying to other countries. Let your tounge taste one Langhap-Sarap meal before you stay out of our country for a long time.


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