Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Favorite Mang Inasal Menu Items with Unli Rice

Of the many restaurants in Metro Manila, I can say that Mang Inasal is the most visited one by me and my beloved. We always go to Mang Inasal whenever we like to have a super-heavy meal because this fast food restaurant offers unlimited rice on selected items on the Mang Inasal menu.

There are so many items on the Mang Inasal menu but the ones I am most acquainted with are those that have unlimited rice. These meal items are the so-called Paborito Meals (PM).
Mang Inasal menu

The Paborito Meals are the paa, spicy paa, pecho, pork inasal, bangus sisig, pork sisig, boneless bangus and grilled liempo.

I have only two favorites on this set of the Mang Inasal menu. These two are the:
PM 2 of Mang Inasal menu

PM 1.5 of Mang Inasal menu

Sometimes I order PM 1 (paa) if PM 1.5 (spicy paa) is not available.

Why I prefer the PM 2 and PM 1.5 over the other unli rice items of the Mang Inasal menu? The reason is that these two Paborito Meals have the most meat compared to the other items. I only go to Mang Inasal if I want to eat plenty. I always order Mang Inasal menu items with unli rice and I want to have a lot of ulam for my unlimited rice.

How about you? What is your favorite Mang Inasal menu item?


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