Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thumbs Down for Jollibee's Crisscut Fries

I said in the previous post that I want to taste the Crisscut Fries and chocolate-flavored Float of Jollibee. Well, I finally got the chance to taste the two new items on Jollibee menu. The verdict is that I did not like them.

Crisscut Fries is a weird looking potato fries. The potatoes were not cut in strips like in the usual French fries. It was cut to look like hash browns. The hash-brown-wanna-be fries were then sprinkled with either cheese or sour cream.

Fried potatoes taste good if they are served hot. Jollibee’s Crisscut Fries was as cool as room temperature when it reached our table. The cut potato is also soggy. The worst thing is that I tasted one potato that is stale. The stale potato tasted terrible so I am forced to spit it out of my mouth.

The coldness of the Crisscut Fries sent an impression that it is not popular to Jollibee’s customers. The Crisscut Fries were cooked, in anticipation that people will order them, but just sat on the line getting cold. Jollibee’s Crisscut Fries is terrible. I hope that Jollibee will remove this item from the Jollibee menu.
Chocolate Float and Crisscut Fries from Jollibee menu
Jollibee's Chocolate Float and Crisscut Fries.

Chocolate-flavored Jollibee Float has no soft drink and that surprised me. This float has chocolate Sundae placed on chocolate drink. The chocolate-flavored Jollibee Float is just Chucky or Chocolait with Sundae. This float is a good alternative for those who are avoiding soft drinks.

The new items on Jollibee menu received a thumb down from me. The novelty of Crisscut Fries is OK but Jollibee should have ensured that it tastes good so that customers will not be horrified by it.

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