Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fly Lite N' Eazy with ZestAir

Are you the sort of traveler who does not bring heavy baggages? If your answer is “yes” then this promo from ZestAir is perfect for you. ZestAir call this the Lite N' Eazy Fares.

Traveling light has advantages! Not only you are free from heavy baggages but you will also get 100 pesos discount. It is true. You will get less 100 pesos on prevailing rates if you check-in without baggage.
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Here are the rules for ZestAir's Lite N' Eazy Fares:

1. Declare your hand baggage upon your check-in. This is important because the ZestAir staff will tag your hand-carried baggage. Untagged hand-carried baggage may be intercepted before you board the airplane and you will be charged the “intercepted baggage fee”.

2. The size (length + with + height) of the hand-carried baggage should not exceed 45 inches or 115 centimeters.

3. The weight of the hand-carried baggage should not exceed 7 kilograms for Aibus flights and 5 kilograms for MA60 flights.

4. The hand-carried baggage should be suitable on being place on the overhead rack of the aircraft.

If you are traveling light and you met the above rules then you should avail of the Lite N' Eazy Fare of ZestAir.

For more information, please read my post on how to avail Zest Air promo fares.

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