Friday, February 22, 2013

PRC License Renewal should Go Online

A commenter in my post about professional license renewal at SM malls complained about the Professional Regulation Commission's (PRC) lack of renewal process that can be done via the Internet. His complaint is for those Filipino professionals who live very far from PRC regional offices. They will be forced to travel by boat just to renew their license.

I understand the commenter's predicament. In this age when the Internet already invaded many parts of our lives, it is sad to note that the PRC is still stuck with the “paper age”. It is good that the PRC has a website and some registration procedures can be done online. Those are not enough, however, because what's being offered on the PRC website are just online forms.

PRC license renewal

An example of this the PRC Online Application system. The website of PRC just provided a way of inputting your personal data and nothing else. You still need to go a PRC office to proceed to the next steps.

Another is the “online” initial registration system. The PRC website only provides a way for Filipino professionals to download the Oath Form. The next steps are to done again at the PRC office, thus Filipino professionals will be forced to visit them.

I hate it whenever I have to spend half of my day in renewing my professional license. I am sure that many Filipino professionals feel the same way too.

When will PRC improve their system? When will they catch-up and modernize their system of license renewal and initial registration of professional?


  1. I super agree with this! My license expired last year pa and I can't find time to go to PRC to renew it! (I work Mon-Sat, 9-5pm, so...)

    I hope they'll soon allow online renewal of licenses.

  2. It's a big hassle no, Ms. Lily?

    How I wish that PRC listen to the complaints of Filipino professionals.

  3. i super agree...i'm working abroad and still i would like to renew my license and yet couldn't manage because of distance or limited time during vacation. Haven't renewed my license for almost 5 years now.They should think about online renewal.


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