Saturday, February 23, 2013

PRC "Online" Registration System

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of the Philippines is [very] slowly upgrading their system. The commission already established satellite offices in SM Malls, just like what the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) did for the application of passport. PRC is also moving online because they placed some of the steps in getting professional license on their website.

One of the steps that PRC placed on their website is the online application for licensure exam. The commssion also placed application forms, petition forms and other forms, which can be downloaded by applicants and Filipino professionals.

Another resource that PRC included in their website is the Online Registration System.

Online oath form for registering to PRC

The Online Registration System can be used by those who passed the licensure exam and want to be registered with the PRC.

Unfortunately, registering with PRC cannot be done online. The Online Registration System only provides a way for professional to download their “oath form” before going to the PRC office. Other steps in registering should be done at the PRC office.

Please take note that you must bring the following documents before you to the PRC office.

1. The Oath Form that you printed from the PRC Online Registration System. Take note you don't to notarize this form.
2. One documentary stamp.
3. One one-by-one (1x1) picture in plain background with complete name tag. This is to be used for the registry of the professionals and also as photo for your PRC ID.
4. Community Tax Certificate (cedula). Make sure that the cedula is not expired.

Please check the PRC website for detailed procedures on registering as a professional.


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