Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jollibee Party Brochure

Many people are looking for information about the Jollibee Kids Party in the Internet. In fact, many visitors to this blog read my posts about Jollibee Kids Party and left their questions and reactions in the comment section.

If you are indeed looking for information about Jollibee Kids Party then you can just go to any of my blog posts listed below:

Aside from searching for Jollibee Kids Party info in the Internet, you can also find the information that you need by going to any Jollibee branch or more specifically a Jollibee branch that can host a party. I visited one Jollibee store the other day and saw that they have brochures for Jollibee Kids Party.

Jollibee Party

The brochure can serve as good guide in preparing for the Jollibee Kids Party. It outlines 4 steps for a fun-filled party. Here are those steps:

Step 1: Choose the Jollibee party food package that you want

Step 1 in Jollibee party brochure

According to the brochure, you can choose from 5 food packages. The 5th Jollibee party food package is the create-your-own package.

Step 2: Check out the Jollibee Kids Party Favors

Step 2 for Jollibee party brochure

This step shows what you'll get when you pay the 1,250 pesos Jollibee Kids Party fee on top of the cost of the food packages that you chose. According to the brochure, you'll get 20 assorted game prizes, 10 crayons, 30 balloons, 1 guestbook and the appearance of Jollibee.

Step 3: Choose the Jollibee Kids Party theme

Available themes for Jollibee party

This step let you choose the theme that you want for the party. You can choose from Jollitown, Barbie and My Bestfriend Jollibee party themes. You are also given the option to add loot bags, party favors and cakes at this step.

Take note that Barbie party theme is only until August 15, 2013. Please read this post to know more about this news.

Step 4: Add Jollibee's friends

Available mascots for Jollibee party

The last step gives you the option to add more mascots that will appear to your party.

That's all the steps. Aside from brochures, you can also approach any Jollibee staff to help you arrange the Jollibee Kids Party that you want.

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