Friday, October 20, 2017

Jollibee Party Package in School

“Pwede bang mag-Jollibee party sa school?” (Is it possible to have Jollibee party in school) – this is one of the questions that I received in my earlier posts about Jollibee party.

Well, the answer to that question is YES! It is possible to hold a Jollibee party in school. In fact, the answer can be read in Jollibee Kids Party Terms and Conditions, which says:

Terms and Conditions for Jollibee party package in school

This means that Jollibee mascot and his friends may appear in Parties in school, clubhouses or functions rooms, offices, and parks or playgrounds. Jollibee mascot is not allowed to appear in residences or any house.

The Hip Momma posted about their experience in holding a Jollibee birthday party in school for her daughter. experienced having a Jollibee birthday party in school for her daughter Hailey.

The Hip Momma was able to bring the Jollibee mascot to her daughter's school. And the good thing is that they got a good Jollibee party package in school. They got Jollibee food packages. They got give aways and party theme. Jollibee also gave them a host for the party.

How to book Jollibee party package in school

Booking a Jollibee party package in school is almost the same as booking a Party package in Jollibee store.

The first thing that you should do is to look for a Jollibee store that can do Jollibee party in school. Take note that not all Jollibee stores can do parties outside of the store.

The next steps would be choosing the Jollibee party theme, the food packages, and other add-ons. The staff of Jollibee will help you on this.

Take note that Jollibee may ask for additional fees for parties in school. I believe that the additional fee will go to transportation cost.

Booking for a Jollibee party package in school is quite easy! So dear Mom and Dad go and surprise your children amd surprise them with a Jollibee party in their school.

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