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Jollibee Party Package Price 2018

"Is the price for having a Jollibee party going up?" - I bet that this is one of your questions now that the prices of many products are increasing because of the new tax law created by the government.

Considering the fact that Jollibee party has softdrinks, which is greatly affected by the new taxes, then my guess is that the Jollibee Party Package price for 2018 will definitely increase. Let us see if my guess is true by looking at the prices for the following items of Jollibee party.

1. Jollibee Party Fee

Jollibee party package price 2018 - party fee

You can choose either the 1,500 pesos party fee of the 2,000 pesos party fee. The only difference between the two Jollibee party fees is that the more expensive party fee will give you 10 additional loot bags in addition to the usual party favors and Jollibee mascot appearance. 

2. Jollibee Party Food Packages

Jollibee party package price 2018 - Food Package A and Food Package B
Jollibee party package price 2018 - Food Package C and Food Package D

There are 4 Jollibee Party Food Packages to choose from. Food Package A costs 150 pesos per person. Food Package B costs 199 pesos per person. Food Package A costs 195 pesos per person. And, Food Package A costs 225 pesos per person.

Aside from the above mentioned Jollibee party food packages, you may also choose the Create-Your-Own Jollibee Party Food Package. However, we will not consider the Create-Your-Own Food Package for our computation of the Jollibee party package price for 2018.

3. Jollibee Party Birthday Cake

Jollibee party package price 2018 - medium party cake
Jollibee party package price 2018 - large party cake

Jollibee offers to cake sizes: medium and large. The medium-sized cake costs 990 pesos while the large-sized cake costs 1,100 pesos.

How Much is the Jollibee Party Package Price for 2018?

Now let’s answer the question: how much is the Jollibee Party package price for 2018?

For our computations, let us assume that we will not get additional mascot, or any additional food items and party favors. We will also not use the Create-Your-Own Jollibee food package. Let us also assume that the party will be held inside the Jollibee store because the Jollibee party package in school have additional fee.

Let us also assume that 30 persons will attend the Jollibee party.

The lowest Jolllibee party package price for 2018 will be: 
Party Fee = 1,500
Food Package A = 150 x 30 = 4,500
Medium-size cake = 900
TOTAL = 6,500

The highest Jolllibee party package price for 2018 will be: 
Party Fee = 2,000
Food Package A = 225 x 30 = 6,750
Medium-size cake = 1,100
TOTAL = 9,850

The price range for Jollibee party package 2018 is from 6,500 pesos to 9,850 pesos. 

I am not sure if Jolllibee already included the effect of additional tax for these prices.


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