Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Mcdonalds Party at Home (2021 Party Packages)

Growing up during the time of the pandemic must be sad for our little kids. The travel restrictions prevent them from going to various places. The fear of being infected by the virus kept them at home and even prevented them from enjoying their birthdays with loved ones and friends.

In fact, because of the pandemic, my children did not experience having any Jollibee or McDo party. All of their birthday parties are held at our home with family only.

Good thing that Mcdo is keeping the fun at Filipino kids’ parties by offering the McDo Party Box.

Mcdonalds Party at Home 2021

Mcdo Party Box consists of your favorite Mcdo yummies and party items that can be brought to your home.

Here are the Mcdonalds Party at Home Food Packages:

1. Mcdo Party Box A

  1. 5 pieces Original Chicken McDo
  2. 20 pieces Chicken McNuggets
  3. 2 BFF Fries
  4. 5 Regular Coke
  5. 5 Rice

This is good for 5 persons and is priced at 1,699 Pesos.

2. Mcdo Party Box B

  1. 10 pieces Original Chicken McDo
  2. 40 pieces Chicken McNuggets
  3. 4 BFF Fries
  4. 10 Regular Coke
  5. 10 Rice

This is good for 10 persons and is priced at 2,999 Pesos.

3. Mcdo Party Box C

  1. 5 pieces Original Chicken McDo
  2. 5 McSpaghetti
  3. 5 Burger McDo
  4. 2 BFF Fries
  5. 5 Regular Coke

This is good for 5 persons and is priced at 1,699 Pesos.

4. Mcdo Party Box D

  1. 10 pieces Original Chicken McDo
  2. 10 McSpaghetti
  3. 10 Burger McDo
  4. 4 BFF Fries
  5. 10 Regular Coke

This is is good for 10 persons and is priced at 2,999 Pesos

Each Mcdo Party food package has one Party Box with the following party items inside:

  1. Party hats
  2. Activity tray mats
  3. Party balloons
  4. One gift for the birthday celebrant

The Mcdo Party Box is available in dine-in, take-out, delivery, order via food delivery app, and pick-up.

Take note that not all Mcdonald Branches offer dine-in due to restrictions of some cities or municipalities due the pandemic.

So if your little ones will be having a birthday party and are craving for Mcdo, then having a Mcdo Party at home is the best option.

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