Monday, February 14, 2022

Who are the Jollibee Characters?

Jollibee is the most loved mascot of Jollibee fast food restaurant. He is red and he is always jolly.

However, aside from the jolly bee, there are other mascots or characters of Jollibee (the restaurant) and they are all featured in the new Jollibee toy Jollibots.

Jollibots Jollibee Characters
(Source: Jollibee FB)

The Jollibee characters or mascot are:

1. Jollibee

The jolly bee. He is the bida bida of the Jolly crew. Filipino kids get excited whenever his mascot appear during birthday parties. Mas silat pa siya sa kahit sinong Pilipinong artista.

Jollibot Jollibee is riding in the Chickenjoy bucket.

2. Mr. Yum

This is the Jollibee character or mascot that reminds us of the yumminess of the Jollibee Yum Burger.

The Jollibot Mr. Yum rides the Yum Burger

3. Hetti

Hetti is that Jollibee character who has cooked spaghetti strands as hair. Jollibot Hetti rides inside the Jolly Spaghetti box.

4. Popo

If Hetti has spaghetti for her hair, then Popo has French fries on his head. I am not sure which of the two always has a bad hair day.

Jollibot Popo rides on the Jolly fries box

5. Twirlie

Twirlie is the Jollibee character who loves sundae so much that her hair turned into chocolate ice cream. 

Jollbot Twirlie rides in the cup if Sundae Twirl.

These are the Jollibee characters in their Jollibot form. Who are their enemies? Probably is Mcdonalds and the gang.

P.S. Do you know that there are forgotten Jollibee character? Their name is Chickee and Champ. Chickee is a chicken while Champ is a burger.

Some Jollibee restaurants have seats in the form of Chickee in the past. Jollibee removed her from the cast and maybe turned her into cooked chicken joy.


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