Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Hunt for Croc Bigger than Lolong is On

The crowning of Lolong as the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest crocodile in captivity made the people of the town of Bunawan more motivated to capture a much larger crocodile. 

The officials of Barangay Nueva Era, which is led by Chairman Teofanies Adlanes, passed a barangay resolution on December 2011 and another resolution last April 16, 2012 to fast track the hunt for crocodiles that are larger than Lolong.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Large Buwaya Stalking a Carabao

The barangay resolutions were made after residents reported seeing a large crocodile in the vicinity. Residents reported that a large crocodile chased a carabao at Magsagangsang Creek, which is the place where Lolong was caught. Magsagangsang Creek is within the Agusan Marsh.

Residents fear for their lives. The attack to a carabao prompted them to send letters to their barangay and municipal officials.

The Parks and Wildlife Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-PAWB) said that their survey teams did not saw any crocodiles larger than Lolong within the Agusan Marsh. The DENR officials warned the Bunawan residents from capturing crocodiles inside the Marsh because it is against the law.

Another Guinness Record

If the claims of Bunawan residents are true, then there is a possibility that Lolong will be dethroned. All they need to do is to capture the large crocodile and present it to the officials of Guinness. Bunawan will be popular again. The downside is that capturing crocodiles of the Agusan Marsh will affect the delicate biodiversity of the marsh.


Sources: Manila Bulletin and Balita.

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