Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Change Your Name on PRC ID due to Marriage

I receive a lot of questions on this blog, and I am happy that I am receiving questions from readers. Many of these questions are related to registration of professionals to the Professional Registration Commission (PRC).

Today, I will answer at length a question left on one of my posts by an Anonymous commenter. The question of the anonymous commenter, I think, will concern all Philippine registered professionals, especially the women professionals. Here is her question:
Question on PRC ID name change due to marriage.

As of this date (October 26, 2012), the PRC satellite offices located at the SM Malls only accepts application for the renewal of PRC ID. Other services, including the initial registration of new professionals, can only be processed in the regular PRC offices. Included in these “other services” is the changing the registered name due to marriage.

Requirements in Changing Name on PRC ID Due to Marriage

1. Duly accomplished Petition Form that is notarized. The Petition Form can be obtained from the PRC office or can be downloaded here.

2. Certificate of Marriage or Marriage Contract issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). The certificate or contract should be printed on NSO security paper.

3. One copy of 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch picture.

4. Metered documentary stamps, which are also available in the PRC office.

5. Statutory fee of 225 pesos.


1. Photocopy all the supporting documents (i.e. marriage contract). You must both have the original and the photocopy when you go to the PRC.

2. Fill-up the Petition Form and have it notarized. PRC Offices also offer notary services. For PRC Manila, notary services is available at the Legal Division, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Main Building.

3. Proceed to Registration Division (for PRC Manila), located at the ground floor of the Main Building, for verification of your registered name. This division will also asses the fees that you will pay. You must have metered documentary stamps before you proceed to this step. For PRC Manila, metered documentary stamps are available at the Customer Service Counter.

4. For PRC Manila, go to Records Section located at the ground floor of Annex Building for the verification of your examination records.

5. Go to the cashier for the payment of fees.

6. Bring your receipt, Petition Form and supporting documents to one of the following windows: Window 16, Window 18 and Window 30. Get your claim slip.

7. Claim your new PRC ID as scheduled on your claim slip.

Some Notes

1. There is a possibility that your record in the PRC will not match your marriage contract. Bring your NSO Birth Certificate as another document to support your marriage contract.

2. Teachers follow a different procedure. They should go to 3 rd floor of the Annex Building of PRC Manila. For registration they should go to Window 21 or Window 22. For the records, they should go to Window 9.

3. Note that the procedures outlined here are for those who processing their registration at PRC Manila. Regional offices of the PRC may have different procedures for the changing of registered name on the PRC ID.

4. For more information, please visit the PRC website.

5. Ms. Paula Magpantay commented below that the fees for change of name is 225 Pesos. Notary fee is 50 pesos. Renewal of license (if on time) is 450 pesos. According to her, there is penalty for late renewal but it will not cost more than 2,500 pesos.


Do you have further questions regarding the changing of name on the PRC ID or on other processes? Or do you experienced registering at the PRC? Tell us your questions and experiences by leaving a comment.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Personal Loan for People with Bad Credit

There are times that you have to resort to borrowing money just make ends meet. There are also special situations, like a sudden illness in the family, that require you to find money quickly. It is easy to get frustrated at times like these because it is very hard to find someone who can lend you some money. This is also true if you are considered by banks and other lending institutions as someone who had “bad credit”. These institutions will ignore you, even if you plead, because they consider you as a financial risk.

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Loans for bad credit
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So, if the big lending institutions keep on turning down your loan applications, I suggest that you go to Diamond Nationwide Loans and get the financial assistance that you need.

Monday, October 15, 2012

AirPhil Express Now Part of Mabuhay Miles

Good news for the loyal patrons of AirPhil Express. Your favorite airline will become part of the Mabuhay Miles program of Philippine Airlines (PAL). The inclusion of AirPhil Express to Mabuhay Miles program was made possible through an agreement between AirPhil Express and Philippine Airlines.

The inclusion of AirPhil Express to Mabuhay Miles family will be effective on October 28, 2012.

Mabuhay Miles is the frequent flyer program of Philippine Airlines.

This means that those who are enrolled in the Mabuhay Miles program can earn miles whenever they choose to fly with AirPhil Express. They can also redeem flight award tickets from AirPhil Express.

Loyal patrons of AirPhil Express can also have more reason to enroll to Mabuhay Miles program. This is a good opportunity to earn miles and redeem points while flying just within the Philippines.
Mabuhay Miles banner for AirPhil Express

Those who will enroll to Mabuhay Miles program from October 31, 2012 to November 13, 2012 will instantly receive 500 miles sign-up bonus. So, if you really want to join the Mabuhay Miles program I suggest that you join during the promo dates.

You can apply to Mabuhay Miles program by going here.


Do you have a question about the Mabuhay Miles program or AirPhil Express? Tell us your question by leaving a comment.

Renew Your PRC License in the Malls

Good news for professionals in the Philippines. The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) partnered with SM Malls in the opening of PRC ID Renewal Centers located in the various shopping malls in Metro Manila and the provinces. This is another milestone for the PRC because it made the renewal of PRC IDs convenient. Those who are renewing their PRC ID can literally shop after submitting their requirements.

Nine (9) SM Malls in Metro Manila and four (4) SM Malls in the provinces now have PRC Renewal Centers. These Metro Manila SM Malls are SM Mall of Asia (SM MoA), SM Marikina, SM Manila, SM Harrison Plaza, SM Sucat, SM Santa Mesa, SM Quiapo, SM Masinag, SM Novaliches. The SM Malls in the provinces that have PRC Renewal Centers are SM DasmariƱas, SM Bacoor, SM Calamba and SM Lipa City.
Back portion of the PRC license or PRC ID

The PRC Renewal Centers are open 7 days a week (including Saturdays and Sundays) during mall hours. Thus, professionals can renew their PRC ID in their own time and without the need to go to PRC offices. This  means that professionals can avoid the hassle of long lines at the PRC offices.

Filipino professionals can obtain the PRC ID, after submitting the complete requirements at these PRC Renewal Centers.


Are you planning to renew your PRC license? Read these tips on renewing your professional license before going to the PRC.


Information for this blog post was obtained from PRC website's pages here and here.


Do you have a question about renewing your professional license? Or did you experienced renewing your license in the PRC Renewal Centers? Please tell me about it by leaving a comment.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Excellent Tinikling Performances in YouTube

Ask any Filipino this question: “What is the folk dance in your country?”

And the answer that you will mostly get is “tinikling”.

Tinikling is the most popular folk dance in the Philippines. It is so popular that it became the country's National Dance. Any Filipino cultural festival will never be complete if Tinikling is not performed.

Wikipedia says that the tinikling is a pre-Spanish era dance that mimics the movements of tikling while moving through the traps set by farmers. Tikling is a long legged bird, possibly a member of the Rail Species, that are common in rice paddies.

The Likha Filipino Folk Ensemble website claims that tinikling originated from the island of Leyte, in the Visayas Region.

To dance the tinikling, the dancers must be quick to avoid being caught between the clashing bamboo poles. Speed is not enough, however, because the dancers should dance the tinikling with grace. Thus, the fusion of speed and grace in spite of the clashing bamboo poles makes the tinikling a thrilling dance to watch.

Here are the 5 tinikling excellent performances that I saw in YouTube. Enjoy!

Tinikling Performance #1

The Tinikling dance in this video was performed for the 2005 Pilipino Culture Night. The dancers emplyed 4 pairs of bamboo poles. What I enjoyed in this video is that the dancers and bamboo poles kept on moving all around the stage.

Tinikling Performance #2

This is a short Tinikling performance danced by the Leyte Dance Theater. They also used four pairs of bamboo poles. You may also notice that the dancers used the "Pacquiao footwork."

Tinikling Performance #3

This is the modern rendition of Tinikling, which was danced in the music of Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us".

Tinikling Performance #4

This Tinikling performance followed the traditional arrangement of the Tinikling dance. No fancy movements, just Tinikling. :-)

Tinikling Performance #5

This performance mixed Tinikling with pop music. Watch this if you plan to dance the Tinikling the "modern way"

The arrangement of each Tinikling performance was based on no particular order. All of the performers in each Youtube video danced the Tinkling very well. Each performance has its own “merits” and “demerits” and it is for you, dear viewer, to decide.


Do you like to dance the tinikling? Or did you already danced the tinikling? Tell us about your experiences by leaving a comment on the comment box below.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PUPCET for SY 2013 - 2014 is Now Open

Note: For the updated schedules for Metro Manila campuses, please visit this link.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) just opened the application for the PUP College Entrance Test (PUPCET) for the upcoming school year of 2013 – 2014. This announcement was made on the PUP iApply website, which is the official website for PUPCET.

I am sure that many high school graduating students, especially from public high schools, are aiming to enter PUP, which is one of the prestigious public university of the country.

Take note that application for PUPCET can only be made via the PUP iApply website. There is no need for you to go to a PUP campus to apply for PUPCET.

Please take note of the following schedules for PUPCET online application:
PUPCET schedule
(Source: PUP iApply)

Also take note that these schedules are only for the Santa Mesa Campus of PUP.

Do not forget that the deadline for submitting your online application for PUPCET is on December 10, 2012. I think that PUP will not extend this deadline. So, you must apply now if you are considering to take the PUPCET.

A new improvement for the online PUPCET application is that test permits can now be claimed online. Thus, PUPCET applicants do not need to go to any PUP campus just to get there PUPCET permits. Applicants will go to the campuses just during the examination date.

This improvement of online PUPCET application is impressive. It greatly reduced the hassle that the students and parents will experience when applying for PUPCET.


Need help for your PUPCET? If your answer is “yes” then I suggest that you visit my tips for taking the PUPCET.


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