Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Two Months for Barbie Jollibee Party Theme

Bad news for Jollibee kids who are fans of Barbie, the Barbie theme for Jollibee party will only be available until August 15, 2013. The only Jollibee party themes that will remain, after the said date, will be the “My Bestfriend Jollibee Theme”, the “Jollitown” theme and the “Batman” party theme.

The Barbie party theme is perfect for little girls who are celebrating their party in Jollibee. Some of the girlie party items for the Barbie party theme include; invitation cards, tray liners, party hats, loot bags, message board and guest book.

Barbie theme for Jollibee party
(Source: Jollibee party website)

Now that the Barbie party theme is about to end, I suggest that the birthday party that you are planning for your little girl should have this theme. Your daughter will be one of the last Jollibee birthday party celebrants who will have the Barbie party theme. 

Only the management of Jollibee knows if the Barbie theme for Jollibee party will return or a new party theme, which is perfect for little girls, will replace it. We can just wait and see what Jollibee has in store for all of us.

For more info about the Barbie theme for Jollibee party, I suggest that you read: “Party Items for Barbie Themed Jollibee Party Package”. 

Also read “How to Plan Your Jollibee Party” so you will know how to plan your Jollibee birthday party.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Help for Your Editing Needs

One of my main jobs in the office is the editing of a major publication that was not updated for more than a decade. I admit that doing editing work is very tough. I should check each section, each paragraph, each sentence and even each word to ensure that my work will be at par to the standards set-up by our office.

With this firsthand experience about editing, I understand why many writers outsource the proofreading and editing of their works. It is a big headache, especially if line per line checking is needed.

Editing may be considered as important as writing as the composition. Your ideas may be good but it will not have impact if your delivery is not good. What I mean here is that if your sentence construction is bad and your spelling is terrible then no one will read your work.

This is the reason why, if you are a writer or even just a college student writing a term paper, you may need editing services.

There are many companies that offer editing services so it will not be a problem in searching for them. The problem you might face, however, is in searching for a company that provides quality editing services.

Using in the Internet will help in your search for a quality editing services provider but to help you further, I suggest that you go this link: 

The link will take to the website of an editing service provider that will be of big help to those who are looking for editing services like you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beautiful Prom Dresses 2013

One of the memorable events for students is the prom night. I, for one, still remember the prom that I attended during high school. It was a night of fun for me. It was my first and last time that I attended such social event. It seems like dancing does not sit well with me.

What I like with prom is that the ladies wear beautiful dresses. Frankly, I like to see women in beautiful dresses. The best thing is that the ladies prepare well for prom thus their dresses are indeed beautiful.

Beautiful prom dresses is not hard to find. You can just go to the malls or dress shops to buy one. You can even have your dress made according to your style. Another option is to look for prom dresses in online shops. The last option is great because you do not need to go out of your house. You can see a wide array of dresses by just surfing the Internet.

So, to all ladies out there, I highly recommend that you find beautiful dresses for your prom night. And aside from beautiful, I also suggest that you search for a modest dress. Beauty and modesty will work hand in hand to boost your confidence during prom.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cebu Pacific Promo Fares for May 2013

Cebu Pacific announced new promo fares that can be booked starting May 17, 2013. The new Cebu Pacific promo fares cover both domestic flights and international flights.

Here are the Cebu Pacific promo fares for domestic flights as announced by their official Facebook page:

399 pesos seat sale from Manila to Bacolod, Cauayan (Isabela), Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Kalibo, Laoag City, Legazpi City, Naga City, Roxas City, San Jose (Mindoro Occidental), Tacloban City and Tuguegarao City.

699 pesos seat sale from Manila to Boracay (Caticlan), Butuan City, Cagayan de Oro City, Coron (Busuanga), Cotabato City, Dipolog, Davao City, General Santos City, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Puerto Princesa City, Tagbilaran City, Virac and Zamboanga City.

These domestic promo fares cover flights from June 1 to September 30, 2013.

Here are the Cebu Pacific promo fares for international flights:

699 pesos seat sale for flights from Clark to Hongkong
699 pesos seat sale for flights from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Taipei (Taiwan)
999 pesos seat sale for flights from Clark to Bangkok, Macau or Singapore
999 pesos seat sale for flights from Cebu or Kalibo to Hongkong
999 pesos seat sale for flights from Iloilo to Hongkong or Singapore
999 pesos seat sale for flights from Cebu to Singapore
1,499 pesos seat sale for flights from Cebu to Bangkok

Visit Cebu Pacific website starting May 17, 2013 to avail of these promo fares.

Check this promo poster from Cebu Pacific for full details of the Cebu Pacific promo fares.

Cebu Pacific promo fares for May 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Online Shop for Women's Dresses

My younger sister searched for a gown that she will use for her graduation this month. She wanted a simple dress that is not very revealing (in short, conservative style of gown). Looking for such style of gown is not easy because the usual dresses may be backless, very short or have high slit. In the end, after a long time of search, my younger sister found the dress that she wanted.

Her search wolud have been easier if she only visited Abiti da Sera. It is an online shop for dresses, gowns and other formal wear or even party wear of women. This online shop has many collection and the good thing is that each dress has a picture, which makes it easier for customers to decide what they want to buy.

Women who are looking for dress will like abiti da sera because the online shop is user friendly.

So, if you are looking for a dress, I suggest that you try Abiti da Sera.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Benefits of Unionbank Ph EON Account

I already have a bank account with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) so I have intention of opening any account with other banks. That's why it is unusual for me to open another bank account with Unionbank Ph. The reason that I opened an account with this bank is that I needed to verify my Paypal account. Only the EON account of Unionbank Ph is capable of verifying the Paypal account aside from using credit cards.

We can say that I opened an Unionbank Ph EON account just for the sake of Paypal. I thought that that is the only benefit that I will get from EON.

Unionbank Ph EON card

I was wrong because there are other benefits that I got when I opened an EON account. Here are some of the benefits that I got with Unionbank Ph EON account.

1. Another savings account – Unionbank Ph EON account is a savings account that earns interests. The interest is not that big but a little is better than nothing, right?

2. Paypal benefits – As I had said, I used my EON account to verify my Paypal account. Another good thing that EON can do is funding your Paypal. This means that you can add funds to your Paypal directly from EON. Thus, you can shop using Paypal as long as there's money in your EON account.

3. Pay your bills online – you can register an online account with your EON. This online account can be used to pay your bills online.

4. 24/7 Access – ATM too far away to check your balance? No need to fret. Just go to Unionbank Ph website and log-in to your EON online account to check the balance of your account.

5. Worldwide withdrawal – Unionbank Ph EON card can be used to withdraw money from any VISA PLUS ATM worldwide. So, you don't have to be anxious when you're abroad and need money. Just withdraw many from VISA PLUS ATM.

These are the benefits that you can get with Unionbank Ph EON card.

Visit my post about applying for EON account so you can enjoy these benefits.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quick Bad Credit Loans

Are you afraid of going to a bank or lending company because you think that your loan application will be rejected? Well, you are not alone. You are one of the hundreds of people who avoid going to these financial institutions because of the same fear of rejection. There are many reasons for those fears and one of those is having a bad credit history.

Financial institutions, especially the banks, ignore people who have bad credit history. Thus, people with bad credit history get deeper and deeper in their financial problems because they have no funds to help them go out of their situation.

(Source: Loans Worldwide)

Fortunately, there are financial institutions who understand people with bad credit. One of those institutions is the Loans Worldwide.

Loans Worldwide provides Bad Credit Loans for people who have bad credit history.

Applying for a loan and getting your loan application to be approved is very fast thus you can say that you are applying for a Quick Bad Credit Loans. The steps for getting a loan is easy. You just fill up and submit an online application form then wait for a lender to contact you once your loan application is approved. Finally, your cash will then be sent to your bank account.

Loans With Bad Credit is possibly the solution to your financial problems. Check out Loans Worldwide so you'll see what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great Benefits from Loanswire

Budgeting your finances is never easy. You have to consider other expenses that suddenly appear. There are times when you have to find money for emergency expenses. Examples of emergency expenses include sudden illnesses, requirements for school and repair needs for your home.

Regular salary is not enough to cover these emergency expenses. What you need to deal with these kind of expenses is another source of funds. What you need is Loanswire.

Loanswire money
(Source: Loanswire website)

Loanswire is a site to go to for small personal loans. Anyone can easily apply for personal loans in Loanswire. All you need to do is to fill up the online application form (which can be finished in 2 minutes), wait for the approval of your loan application (which is guaranteed fast), and finally receive your loan using a 100% reliable service.

Some of the loans being provided by Loanswire include 100 Day Loan, Easy Cash Loan and Instant Loan. People who apply for loans in Loanswire is guaranteed to get approved once they met certain criteria for each loan.

One of the good thing at Loanswire is that you can immediately see the rates and fees for loans in different states. You can check each state from Alabama to Wyoming. This is a good thing because you'll know how much you have to pay when your loan application is approved.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits from Loanswire, I recommend that you visit their website: