Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where to Sit Inside a Jeepney?

The jeepney, also known to others as the Philippine Bus, is the most common means of public transport in the Philippines. It a modified version of the US Army jeep, which was lengthened so as to accommodate more passengers. The usual jeepney can carry 14 passengers, excluding the driver. Two passengers are seated beside the driver, while the remaining passengers are divided into two and seated to the left and right seats inside the jeepney.

It is a common scenario where the jeepney is filled to maximum capacity and the passengers were compressed too much. Imagine the inconvenience for the last passenger to board the jeepney who is forced to sit on a space that is just half of his buttocks. It is uncomfortable also to other passengers who had to contend with being compressed just to go home.

As a regular commuter and jeepney passenger I already made my ideal selections of seats when I am riding a jeepney. Before boarding a jeepney, make sure that there still ample space for you and you will be comfortable when seated. Also, look inside the jeepney and scan your possible seatmates.

So here are my ideal seats inside the passenger jeepney:

Behind the Driver’s Seat or Beside the Back Entrance

These are my favorite spots since these locations eliminate one seatmate. What I mean is that only one part of your body is being compressed by other passengers. The other half of your body will feel more comfortable. Just be more alert if you chose the seat beside the back entrance since this portion is the area where most theft (more popularly known as snatching in the Philippines) occurs.

Front Seat (Beside the Driver)

This another ideal spot since this seat only allows up to two passengers. You will not be subjected to too much compression in this area. However, make sure that the front seat indeed made for two passengers. There are jeepneys that have front seats that are modeled for one passenger only. Jeepney drivers usually allow two people to share in that kind of seat. Sitting on that kind of seat is uncomfortable.

Away From the Kids

I had many experiences of being vomited to while riding a jeepney. The usual culprits are kids and infants, which easily experience dizziness during long trips. Vomit stains can be wiped out with cloth but the smell never leaves your clothes. This is inconvenient if you are just going to school or the office. So, before entering, I usually scan the jeepney for any kids or babies and I take seat that are as far as them as possible.


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  1. i usually sit beside the driver... malapit kasi sa side mirror haha para nakikita ko yung mukha ko hehehe funny but true^^
    it's nice to be her in the other blog of yours my friend


  2. Honestly speaking, I rarely ride jeepneys... fine I rarely commute, but when I do I always seat behind the driver xD

    It's easier to tell the driver where to drop me off, since for some reason, drivers cant hear me when I'm far back. <.<

    Nice blog by the way.

    edit// Yay, I got through the word verification~!! xD

  3. @bluedreamer

    Thanks for visiting this site. It is pleasure that I had you here.

    Narcistic ka ha.


    Yah, that is also my fave seat, unless there is a passenger that a lot of cargo. That seat will trapped you because the cargo will block your way.


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