Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yummy Magazine

Yummy Magazine, Summit Media

Filipinos love to eat. Every province or every ethnic group in the country has their own specialties. There are the Bicolanos whose specialty are the fiery and spicy dishes, the Ilocanos who are known for their buro and veggie dishes, the Ifugaos for the pinikpikan, and other delicious recipes from other tribal groups. Explorers will discover various culinary adventures in any islands of the Philippines. The love for food and cooking is the reason why Yummy Magazine became popular among the culinary magazines.

Yummy is an interesting magazine because it has many sections and features that will satisfy the thirst for culinary knowledge of the people who want to learn how to create excellent dishes. The members of Yummy staff are good cooks and really know what they are writing in their magazine. They have recipes that mothers can follow for the everyday food of the family. They feature famous chefs and reveal their culinary secrets. Lastly, they dish out tips that prove to be helpful to both beginner and seasoned cooks.

The very first Yummy issue that I read is the issue featuring the yummy specialty in the Bicol region plus a list of delicious fruits coming from Mindanao. Every page contains mouth watering dishes that make me think of learning how to cook. My mother and father also liked the magazine because they are the ones who are expert cooks in our home. The procedures in the magazine are easy understand and to follow. There also many tips about cooking that beginners will find helpful. Restaurant and owners of eateries will also find this magazine as a good source of new and delicious menu.

The popularity of Yummy came in part from the sudden rise of public interest to cooking. So if you are just beginning how to cook or already an expert, I recommend Yummy as a nice read for your kitchen needs.


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