Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips on Looking for an Overseas Job

Leaving the Philippines and working abroad is one of the most popular options of the Filipino workers when they are looking for a job. Thus, every day, hundreds of Filipino workers and professionals leave the country to find greener pastures abroad. Aside from that, hundreds of Filipinos are being victimized by illegal recruiters everyday. Some pay placement fees and in the end illegal recruiters run away with their money. Others are sent to jobs abroad with poor workplace conditions and abusive employers.
Because of these, looking for a job abroad is not an easy task. You should always be alert and always put the element of doubt on all the promises and offerings of recruiters and recruiting agencies. Here are some of my tips that is useful for you when you are applying for a work abroad.

1. Study the Procedures Well.

The government placed various procedures and safety nets to protect Filipino workers when applying for an overseas job. A little study on the procedures will not hurt you and may even save you money because you will know if your recruiter is asking you to pay illegal or excessive fees. You could do this by visiting the website of Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

2.  Investigate the Agency

Always keep in mind that there many illegal recruitment agencies and the government is not able to close down most of these recruitment agencies. Some of the recruitment agencies have standing case on the courts but are still open and taking in applicants. Before applying in an agency, a little investigation is necessary. First, visit POEA's list of recruitment agencies to know if your recruitment agency is in good standing. Next is google the name of your agency to see if there are feedbacks and comments from other people about the agency.

3. Be Wary of Door-to-Door Recruiters

Many of our kababayans are victimized by recruiters who come to the barangays in the province and promising great jobs available abroad. Be wary of such scheme because most of the time, these kind of recruiters always ask for advanced payment of placement fee and other fees and then run-away with the money you paid for. Trusting these kinds of recruiters are dangerous because they use fake names and fake address.

4.  Be Wise with Your Money

Recruiters that ask for large amount money is and abusive recruitment agency. If you studied the procedures when applying for an overseas job, then you will know how much are the fees that you must pay. Always hold your money tight.

5. Seek Help from OFW Organizations

There are a myriad of OFW organizations in the country. The most prominent is Migrante International. You could ask for help from these organizations, especially if you are victimized by a recruiter or a recruitment agency.

These are few of the thing that should always put in your mind when applying for abroad. Remember that there are always evil people who are always ready to trick us Filipino workers. Be alert, be wary, and always ask God for guidance so that you will not be victimized.


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