Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chef Tony's Popping Popcorn

Last Saturday, my brother brought home another Chef Tony’s Popcorn. This is the second time that my brother brought home this kind of popcorn. I am not complaining, but rather, I am glad that his pasalubong is Chef Tony’s Popcorn, even if we are not in the cinemas.

The very first puffed corn that I tasted from Chef Tony’s is the Dark Chocolate (with honey roasted almonds) flavor. At first, I thought that I will never like that kind of popcorn because it will be both sweet and salty. I am not fan of sweet and salty foods because I remember the boiled kamoteng kahoy (tapioca) that was both mixed with salt and sugar.
Chef Tony's Dark Chocolate

The Chef Tony’s Dark Chocolate popcorn is just fine and suited my taste buds. The sweet flavor overpowered the salty taste that’s why I liked it.
Actually, it is yummy. The photo is just bad. :-P

Last Saturday, my brother brought White Country Cheddar flavor, and I also liked it.

Now I wonder when my brother will bring home another Chef Tony’s Popcorn.


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  1. uy sarap naman nyan... care to share??? haha

    anyway... ang gaganda naman ng layout mo... super...designed like a pro

  2. Wahaha! Ubos na Blue eh. Next time na lang.

    Ngak! Hindi ako nag-design ng mga yan. Pinagkukuha ko lang yan sa Internet. Puro free blog templates lang gamit ko for my blogs.

  3. I love the smell of popcorn very much and I can have it at any part of the day. I have never tasted Chef Tony's popcorn but I'm sure it is really tasty.

  4. @Thailand:

    Chef Tony's Popcorn is great. You should try it.


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