Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Steel-toed Shoes from Vagono

I do not share the fondness of the majority of Filipino buyers to rubber shoes, especially the ones manufactured by Adidas, Converse, and Nike. Because of my almost heavy duty line of work, specifically when I work during fieldworks, I prefer to wear heavy duty shoes.

For almost three years, my UCLA hiking shoes served me well. It accompanied to many travels and walked hundreds of miles during fieldworks. Aside from those activities, I usually wear my hiking shoes even if I am just going to the office or stroll inside the mall.

So, when my hiking shoes decided to retire (finally), I did not hesitate to buy another heavy duty shoes as a replacement. I went to Marikina Riverbanks Mall and I bought the Vagono Steel-toed shoes.
Vagono Steel-Toed Shoes

What attracted me to those shoes is the fact that it is steel-toed. I could easily use it in kicking the hell out of any person who will attack me. Well, that is not the actual reason why I liked that Vagono shoes. I just liked it because it is “steel-toed.”

Vagono Steel-toed shoes are made from Marikina City, which is the shoe capital of the Philippines. It is quite expensive because a pair of Vagono Steel-toed shoes costs 1,800 Pesos.
Vagono Steel-Toed Shoes

However, looking at the quality of the shoes, I could say that my money is worth it. The Vagono Steel-toed shoes have all the specs that I need. It is high-cut (low-cut is also available for 1,200 Pesos). It has a hard sole, which is perfect for hiking and long walks. Also, the shoes are durable and I guess it could outlive my old hiking shoes.

Problems Encountered

The one thing that I discovered about Vagono's Steel Toed Shoes is that its sole was glued to the shoes and not stitched to it. Because of this, the shoes is not advisable to step on wet and puddled areas because the glue will not hold the sole and shoes together.

I made a mistake in walking on puddles and the sole was almost removed. Because of this, I sent my shoes to shoe repair shop to have it fix and sewed.

Vagono's Steel Toes shoes are expensive and I expected that the sole will be sewed to the shoes. However, it is not. This is why I am somewhat disappointed with this shoe.




  1. is it as heavy as combat shoes?

    Since it is from Marikina, I am pretty sure it is worth the price.

  2. @Liza:

    Actually it is heavier than combat shoes. Maybe it is because of the steel.

  3. Frankly speaking, your new steel toed shoes are really great. It might cost a bit more but the look is too bold. The stitches are very prominent which is giving a great stunning look also.

  4. Looks great and stunning looks but apart from the price.


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