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List of Tagaytay Homes

Tagaytay City is one of the favorite places that I visited. I like the city for its climate that is relatively cooler than the climate in Metro Manila. I also like Tagaytay City for its scenic spots like the Picnic Grove, People's Park and Sonya's Garden. Another thing is the scenic views of Taal Lake from Tagaytay City. These are the reasons why many people want to live in Tagaytay City and a buy a piece of lot at Tagaytay homes that are springing up in the city. Tagaytay homes is the term I used for subdivisions and townhouses that could be found in Tagaytay City.

Buying house and lot in Tagaytay City is as risky as buying house and lots in other areas of the Philippines. You have to contend with high prices of lots and the risk of being tricked by lot sellers and land developers. There are many Tagaytay homes to choose from, so before buying any house and lot in Tagaytay, it never hurts to visit different Tagaytay
homes so as to make you decide better on where do you want to have a piece of Tagaytay City.

To help you decide, I listed four Tagaytay
homes that you could choose from.

1. Palm Crest (AustAsia Real Estate)

A taste of Bali at Tagaytay, this is how their website describe this Tagaytay
homes. Palm Crest offers two model town homes, namely, Iora (250 sq m lot area, 2 storey, 8.5 million pesos) and Jasmine (300 sq m lot area, 2 storey, 9.5 million pesos).

2. Royale Tagaytay Estates

According to this website, this Tagaytay
homes is just few minutes away from important establishments like shopping mall, police station and hospital. Royale Tagaytay Estates is located at the fringes of Taal Lake. Lot prices ranges from 3,800 pesos/sq m to 7,500 pesos/sq m.

3. Southridge Subdivision

Based on this website, this Tagaytay
homes' house and lot cost 11,400,000 pesos with lot area of 344 sq m.

4. Villa Chiara Subdivision (Santa Lucia Realty)

The developer of this Tagaytay
homes brags that Villa Chiara is near People's Park. According to this website the total contract price for a 240 sq m lot is 1,248,000 pesos. Monthly amortization with 5 years to pay. There is no interest for the first year of payment.

So that's the four of the Tagaytay
homes that you can choose from when you decided to buy a piece of land in the wonderful city of Tagaytay.

Looking for more options? Read my second list of Tagaytay homes.


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  1. That's really an informative post to get. It would definitely help those who are looking for good homes in good environment.


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