Saturday, March 19, 2011

WD Elements External Hard Drive

One of the greatest inconveniences that can occur is the sudden crash of our personal computers or laptop. Computers, aside from the functionalities that it offers, serve as the repository of our memories. Computers store the papers that you made in college, the photos of your last birthday celebration or the videos that you made for your report in science. So, when your computer crashes those files that constitute your memories are gone. That is one of my fears when all of my photos are still stored in my home computer. That is why I decided to purchase WD Elements external hard drive to serve as storage for my photos and other important files.

I chose WD Elements external hard drive because it is being used by my American friends in storing valuable data. I believed then that since they trust WD Elements to store valuable data, then it is reliable enough to serve as back-up storage for my files. At least I am correct with that assumption because my WD Elements external hard drive has no malfunction after more than one year of use.

WD Elements External Hard Drive

What I like with my WD Elements external hard drive is its reliability. For back-up storage, reliability is very important. It is bad if the back-up storage is the one that crashed.

So, if you want to prevent inconvenience and keep your files safe, then I suggest that you back your files up. If you are looking for an external hard drive, I recommend WD Elements.


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  1. True. I have a WD external hard drive.. and it proves to be very handy and reliable.. :)

  2. @Leah:

    Another positive comment for WD Elements. ^_^

    Thank you for dropping by.

  3. WD is my favorite brand. I have my fist external hard drive 3 years ago and it's WD. Last week I just bought new one and it's WD, too.


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