Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want to Ski

I read the blog of Henrik Stigell where I read about his ski experiences. Skiing is good, especially now that we are experiencing the great heat of summer. I like to have my own ski board and rush down a great snowy slope and feel the cold rush of winter wind.

I had watched many ski competitions and I say that I am amazed by their stunts. Some of the skiers flew for many yards like a speeding bullet. Some skiers jump very high and are able to execute amazing poses before landing on snowy ground.

I am thinking of visiting Norway, Finland or Sweden to do some skiing. I believe that many good skiers came from these countries. Also, those countries are good place to be exposed to various techniques of skiing.

Skiing is impossible to do here in the Philippines, though we have parks that can create snow, I believe that there is no theme park big enough to build enough snow and cold temperature suitable for skiing.

So, do you want to join me in visiting either Norway, Sweden or Finland? Do you want to experience skiing? Do you want to feel the rush of cold air on your face? Come on, let's go those cold countries and let us ski.


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