Monday, May 23, 2011

TDK Flash Disk with Flash Lock

Flash disk, which is also known as flash drive, is an important piece of gadget for most of us. Years ago, no one can imagine that all of our items – documents, photos, music etc.- can fit in one small gadget. But now, the flash disk is an indispensable tool for us, especially for those who are working with computers.

The flash disk that I am using now is the 2 GB TDK Flash Disk. The TDK Flash Disk is like the other flash disks in the market. What I like with my TDK Flash drive is its Flash Lock Software.
TDK flash disk
TDK Flash Disk

The Flash Lock gives the TDK Flash Disk moderate level of protection to your files. The Flash Lock Software enables you to partition the memory of the TDK Flash Disk into two. One is the non-protected partition while the other one is the protected partition of the flash disk, which can be accessed by using the Flash Lock Software.
TDK Flash Lock Software
TDK Flash Lock Software
The protected partition of the TDK Flash Disk is password protected and you are the one who will set-up the password. Also, the Flash Lock Software allows you to allocate the amount of memory for the protected partition and the unprotected partition.

Having a Flash Lock Software is good for people who want to hide important files from other people. This is good because flash disks are prone to being lost because of their small size.

So, if you are working on important files or data that you want to hide from peering eyes, then I suggest that you buy a flash disk with a Flash Lock Software.


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  1. Still have my Apacer from long long ago... No use anymore. Retired already - nothing much to save.

  2. STP:

    I never heard of that Apacer brand.

  3. just bought a TDK Gold USB 2.0 Flash Drive and when i try to copy Files onto it... it gives me an error code of error 0x8007045D: the request could not be performed beccause of an I/O device error?

    what does this mean?

  4. Hello Anonymous

    I did a research about error 0x8007045D. It seems like this kind of error occurs on computers with Windows as OS.

    I suggest that you follow the procedures in fixing error 0x8007045D outlined here:

    Hope that helped.

  5. I prefer to reformat my flash drives with NTFS.

    However I'd like to know if this will cause any complications with the TDK 'Gold Flash' prior to doing so.


  6. Hello Dave

    I am yet to use NTFS for my flash drives. However, I believe that TDK 'Gold Flash' will have no complications if you reformat it with NTFS. TDK already took in consideration the NTFS when it manufactured the 'Gold Flash.'

  7. G'day Ishmael,

    thanks for that, I prefer NTFS despite the fact that it requires 'manual' ejection so to speak.

    Which is one of the reasons I avoid the Sandisk range.


  8. You are welcome Dave.

    Your comment made me wonder about NTFS. I want to try it too.


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